50kn Capacity Servo Control Tensile Test/Testing Machine

Model: PW-UD50
It is widely used in the tensile, compression, peeling, tearing, bending and other physical damage tests of rubber, plastics, polymer materials, metals, textiles, steel, and other products and semi-finished products.
1. Powerful test function, with different fixtures, it can carry out a variety of test requirements to meet the needs of users.

2. The software has more powerful functions. Various test results and test curves can be displayed and automatically marked in the interval. It can be upgraded at any time to realize positioning shift, fixed force, fixed time, repeated fatigue testing, etc.

3. The design of the machine is beautiful, generous, easy to operate, and the software has strong scalability and high accuracy. 

4. Servo motor drive, high precision ball screw drive, low failure rate and simple maintenance.

Item PW-UTM50K1 PW-UTM50K2
Capacity (MAX) 50KN (optional 10N~50KN range force sensor)
Control mode full computer control mode, powerful software function
Power unit N, kN, gf, kgf, lbf, kP, tf (SI), tf (long), etc.
Length unit mm, cm, Inch, m, km, um, etc.
Power resolution 1/500,000;
Accuracy ±0.1%
Travel resolution 1/500,000mm
Accuracy ±0.1%
Effective stroke 700mm; (customizable) 1200mm; (customizable)
Speed range 0.01~500mm/min; (customizable)
Test space 420mm left and right (customizable)
Shutdown mode overload shutdown, emergency stop button, automatic shutdown of specimen damage, automatic shutdown of upper and lower limit settings
Machine power Servo motor drive
Machine size (W×D×H)  88×66×208cm  108×66×208cm
Net weight of machine 420KG 480KG
Power 400W
Power supply 220V 50~60HZ
Machine equipment 1 USB communication line, 1 software
Optional accessories tensile fixture, compression fixture, etc.;
 (purchase different fixtures according to different test standards)