6 Column Density Gradient Apparatus and Measurement System

Model: PW-S30
It is used to determine the density of moulding materials , also it can be used on PE-HUHMW moulding and extrusion plastics.
1. Modularization design and embedded structure
The inner container is made of high transparent resin, embed into a metal cover, with the performance of high transparent, anti-shock, and anti-distortion.

2. High accuracy control system
Adopt a high-accuracy single-chip to control temperature, temperature uniformity is ±0.1ºC; with a heating and cooling system. The stirring system adopts a split type (outer drive and inner spraying and stirring) to avoid shaking in the test bath.

3. Intelligent design
With salvaging systems to refloat specimen and calibrated floats, refloating speed within 10mm/min that test liquid will not be destroyed during salvaging,  to avoid fluid preparation works again and enhance operation efficiency.
Model PW-S30
Density gradient column tube diameter:50mm graduating accuracy :
graduating scale:850mm
Temperature accuracy ±0.05ºC
Temperature uniformity ±0.1ºC
Test stations 3 (or on customer's request)
Floats diameter≤6.5mm
Density accuracy 0.001g/cm³
Thermostatic bath volume 0.125 m³
Overall dimensions(L×W×H) (400×450×1050)mm
Power supply 380-15%~380+10%)VAC 50Hz 0.3kVA