anaerobic oven

Model: PW-AO-300
Equipment performance parameters
1). Display accuracy: ±0.1℃
2). Temperature uniformity: 3~4.0℃ (determined under no-load conditions with nitrogen off)
3). Temperature range: room temperature +20~200℃ (Note: all non-removable parts in the box can withstand high temperature 200℃)
4). Heating time: RT+20℃~200℃≤45min (Note: measured under no-load conditions, nitrogen opening and heating process can be carried out at the same time, and does not affect the heating time)
5). Single aging time: 96-2000 hours;
6). Oxygen content: ≤1% VOL (Note: The customer provides nitrogen gas source). Equipped with a precise oxygen content analyzer, online real-time monitoring of oxygen content, monitoring and reading oxygen content through the touch screen, and timely replenishment of nitrogen.
3. Control system ----- thermostat, color touch screen controller
1) PID microcomputer automatically calculates PV/SV and displays at the same time, touch screen setting;
3) The current controller is SSR contactless Relay
4. Heating system
1) Heating by hot air circulation
2) The heating material is stainless steel heating tube
5. Safety device
1) Over-temperature protection Time to protect Independent over-temperature protection.
6. Air circulation system
1) Forced air circulation;
2) The motor is a special type for long shaft temperature resistance;
3) The fan is a multi-blade turbine type;
7. Nitrogen display
1) Install nitrogen interface φ10mm quick interface
2) Flowmeter 10~100L/min*2

Other configuration
1) A high-temperature connector of the burn-in board must be installed in the inner box (the high-temperature connector is provided by Party A), and the opening size is reserved according to the connector cable.
2) Make the inner box fixing slot according to the provided PCB burn-in board. A total of 6 PCB burn-in boards need to be fixed in the inner box (the size of the burn-in board is to be determined).
3) Reserve a 19-inch monitor position.

                                           PCB aging board illustration
1). Internal material: SUS304# stainless steel plate thickness 1.2mm
2). External material: SPCC steel plate thickness 1.2mm powder paint treatment
3). Shelf/shelf: 1 piece/1 layer is stainless steel mesh and detachable
4). Inner box size: 500mm(width)x1000mm(height)x600mm(depth)
5). Outer box size: 850mm(width)x1535mm(height)x800mm(depth) (excluding the protruding part of the fan, subject to the actual product)
6). Sealing material:Japanese imported original high tension  parking temperature resistance-90~280℃. 
7). Thermal insulation material: 80K rock wool, thermal insulation thickness 100mm
8). Power lead: Lead 60A current into the oven.
9). Aging power supply: input voltage 220V, output voltage 50V, output current 60A adjustable
10) Equipment electrical performance index: 380V AC 7.5KW