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The quality standard and development direction of carton testing machine

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Update time : 2021-04-22 13:34:22
 The carton compresssion tester mainly tests the compressive strength of the packing box, the compressive strength of the carton and the stacking strength. The analysis of the test results can determine whether the characteristics of the carton and color box and the packaging structure design meet the strength requirements of transportation and handling. , It can display the curve graph of the force, displacement and time during the test on the computer, and can test the stress condition of the packing box during compression.
    Quality standards and regulations of carton testing machine
1. Operation performance and control system functions. The key operation is normal, the display is clear and eye-catching, the printing data is accurate, and the test process is continuous and complete.

2. Whether the parts that affect the accuracy are within the allowable error. If it exceeds, adjust it appropriately.
3. Testing the accuracy of the instrument. Use a standard calibration device that is 3 to 5 times more accurate than the tested instrument to test its accuracy.
4. Security protection. If it exceeds 2%-10% of the upper limit of measurement, the instrument will stop automatically;
5. Appearance. The painted parts on the surface are flat, smooth, uniform in color, without spots, bubbles, or delamination; chrome-plated parts have no burns, chrome thorns, or delamination; blackened parts have uniform color; other parts have no obvious bumps, dents, rust, burrs, etc. on the surface. When the moving part reaches the limit, it should also stop automatically.
The carton inspection equipment industry has made a lot of achievements in research and development, production and supply, standard quality and other aspects, and has made great contributions. However, many problems have also appeared in the development process, and the industry will still need to pay on the road of future development. Work harder, overcome various difficulties, and continue to explore and move forward. As long as we look for the direction and clarify the goal, the overall development goal of the industry's prosperity and development will definitely be achieved.