Automatic three-coordinate measuring instrument

Model: PWCA-8106

1. The beam and Z axis adopt surface anodized aviation aluminum alloy, which has excellent temperature consistency; and reduces the mass of moving parts and reduces the inertia of the measuring machine when running at high speed;
2. The three-axis guide rail adopts high-precision self-cleaning air bearing, which makes the movement more stable and the guide rail will never be worn out;
3. All three axes adopt high-precision imported grating ruler, and the system resolution can reach 0.078um;
4. The Y-axis adopts an integral dovetail guide rail, which reduces the weight of the machine and effectively eliminates the movement torsion, ensuring the measurement accuracy and stability;
5. Each motion axis is driven by DC servo to ensure smooth and accurate motion;

6. The X-direction adopts the patented technology of precision triangular beam, which has a lower center of gravity compared with rectangular beams and cross beams, the best mass rigidity ratio, and more reliable movement;
7. The software is the industry benchmark PC-DMIS BASIC (/PC-DMIS PREMIUM), powerful, easy to learn and efficient;
8. The professionally built IDC-I control system improves the dynamic performance and measurement accuracy of the machine;
9. A unified supply chain platform and strict supplier assessment system ensure the quality of parts;
10. The production quality assurance system based on the ISO9001 quality standard ensures the high quality of the whole machine assembly.


PC-DMIS PREMUIN (DCC) measurement software

PC-DMIS PREMUIN (DCC) is a universal measurement software that can solve complex measurement and inspection tasks. The software is mainly designed for inspection personnel at the basic level of the workshop, enabling them to master the use of the software in the shortest possible time. This industrial-grade metrology software with powerful detection functions provides users with a simple operation interface to help users complete the programming of parts inspection procedures, the initialization of measurement procedures and the execution of inspection procedures. The use of advanced graphical reporting functions to achieve users' special testing data analysis needs. One of the advantages of PC-DMIS PREMUIN (DCC) software is its intuitive self-learning function, which can realize user parts inspection and programming without the need of CAD models. The unique feature recognition function of PC-DMIS PREMUIN (DCC) software automatically recognizes the type of measurement element (line, circle, cylinder, etc.) for the detection of different measurement points. After completing the feature detection of the workpiece, PC-DMIS PREMUIN (DCC) can automatically define the type of the measured element, provide the required information and screen analysis graphics. This dynamic graphics can be fitted between the measured geometric elements to achieve the measured workpiece Element construction.

1. With Chinese page and online Chinese help;
2. A complete and customizable intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) provides a convenient way for operators of different software application levels to execute powerful measurement software;
3. Click the mouse to immediately perform the following operations: perfect probe management, part coordinate system management and workpiece alignment function, inspection report, support preview, feature structure, feature measurement;
4. Evaluation of geometric elements, including: straightness, flatness, roundness, cylindricity, conicity, ring and spherical surface, etc. Evaluation of the true position relative to the reference geometric elements: parallelism, perpendicularity, angle, symmetry, position, coaxiality, concentricity, axial runout, radial runout, axial full runout, radial full runout;
5. It can realize the direct measurement of the geometric feature quantity of the workpiece, and can complete the calculation of the geometric relationship, the structure and the evaluation and analysis of the geometric tolerance;
6. The interactive super report function increases the flexibility of report format and data processing;
7. Ability to judge tolerance in accordance with ISO standards;

8. The software allows users to use 3D CAD data to generate workpiece inspection programs offline or online, and to complete graphical workpiece models and detection paths at the same time. The powerful PC-DMIS software allows users to use 3D CAD data to generate workpiece inspection programs offline or online, and simultaneously complete the simulation of graphical workpiece models and detection paths. Using the powerful graphics function of PC-DMIS PREMIUM, the measurement operation can be simulated, so that the measurement program errors can be found and corrected before the measurement program is downloaded to the workshop site for actual measurement.
9. The complete three-dimensional simulation function enables the operator to graphically inspect the initialization settings and parts inspection program before the actual measurement of various elements. At the same time, by inserting graphics help, users can better understand complex measurement tasks.
10. PC-DMIS PREMIUM can also detect unknown data workpieces, so as to generate digital models in CAD software, and finally complete the application of reverse engineering.

Environmental requirements

Measure the temperature of the machine room: 18-22°C
The maximum temperature gradient around the machine: 1°C/h, 2°C/24h, 1°C/m Minimum air supply pressure: 0.5 Mpa
Air consumption: 120L/min
Voltage: 220V ± 10%
Maximum power consumption: 2000W
Current: 15 A
Electrical equipment requires reliable grounding: the grounding resistance is less than 4 ohms

Stroke Xaxis 800mm
Yaxis 1000mm
Zaxis 600mm
Structure type Mobile bridge
Transfer method DC servo system + preload high precision air bearing
Machine High precision granite platform
Overall size (LWH) 1935mm X 1350mm X 2729mm
Machine bearing 500kg
Total Weight 1074Kg
Maximum allowable indication error of length measurement 3.0+L/300

Probe system

It is an automatic rotating probe head with high-speed rotation and high torque. It can be connected to any M8 threaded probe and accessories. This probe is a trigger probe with the most cost-effective and minimal configuration. It can reach the industrial standard of 7.5° indexing, with a total of 720 angular positions.

technical parameter

Index angle A (pitch) From 0° to105, step of 7.5°
Index angle B (rotation) 180, step of 7.5°
Total number of positions 720
Weight 780g
Rotation torque 0.6Nm
Positioning repeatability 0.5µm
Maximum length of extension rod 300mm