RX3-4 Series Box-type Rain Test Chamber

Model: PW-RX3-4 series

The rain test chamber is designed and manufactured in accordance with relevant national standards, and is widely used in aerospace, aerospace, military, naval, electrical, electronic and other industries to simulate dynamic operation of the whole machine and parts of the product in a rainy environment to evaluate the product Work quality test. In order to evaluate the performance and quality of the sample.
1. The structure design of the test system is advanced and reasonable, the manufacturing process is standardized, the appearance is beautiful and generous, and the maintenance is convenient. 2. The matching of parts and components is well matched. The main functional components are all imported parts with international advanced level, which improves the safety and reliability of the product and can ensure the long-term and high-frequency use requirements of users. 3. The ancillary conditions required for the normal operation of the equipment are already equipped, and the buyer only needs to provide the power and the working environment that meets the requirements.

The structure and working principle of the rain shower device

Working principle

This equipment uses a high-pressure water pump to sprinkle a certain pressure and a certain flow of test water on the sample through the swing rod nozzle, and rotate the test device to change the swing amplitude and frequency of the swing rod to reach the environment required by the test.

Structure of equipment

(1) The test box body is an integral structure, the rainwater tank, high-pressure water pump, and the rotating system of the test device are located in the lower part of the box, and the control system is located directly under the test box.
(2) The test box is a single door, sealed with double-layer anti-aging silicone rubber.
(3) There is an observation window on the door of the box.
(4) The equipment is equipped with switch-controlled lighting.
(5) Waterproof rotary joint and frequency conversion system are installed on the right side of the test box.

Equipment material

(1) The outer shell is sprayed with cold-rolled steel plate / the inner wall of the working chamber is formed by SUS304 mirror stainless steel plate.(2) Special motor, centrifugal convection fan
(3) The temperature measurement adopts imported PT-100 sensor.
(4) Silicone rubber sealing strip, imported waterproof sealing rotary joint
(5) Flow regulating valve and speed regulating motor.
(6) Sample holder and sample holder rotating structure, glass observation window.
(7) Rotation angle and frequency conversion control system.
Equipment usage conditions 
Project Description
Voltage Three-phase five-wire system 380VAC±10%; 50Hz±2%
Environment temperature 5~35℃;
Environment humidity ≯85%R.H
Atmospheric pressure 86~106Kpa
Environmental conditions There is no strong vibration around the equipment site, no strong electromagnetic field interference, no high-concentration dust and corrosive substances, no direct sunlight or direct radiation from other heat sources.
The equipment should be placed horizontally in a well-ventilated test room, with sufficient space around it for operation and maintenance.
Box structural style One-piece, the test box is integrated with the controller and the rain shower system.
shell material Electrostatic spraying of cold rolled steel sheet
Studio material SUS304 mirror stainless steel plate
Insulation Materials Rigid polyurethane foam
Control system Controller Intelligent touch screen program controller
Mainly implement electrical accessories Such as "Schneider" AC contactor, "Omron" intermediate relay, "Delixi" fuse and so on.
Safety devices 1. Leakage and power failure, overcurrent protection;
2. Water pressure protection;
3. Overload fuse protection;
4. Grounding protection; When the control system detects the action of the following protective devices (single row), it should be able to automatically cut off the whole system and give an alarm.
Random Accessories 1 power cord
Random document Schematic diagram/warranty card/certificate/instruction manual.

Temperature range

room temperature

Bending radius of spray pipe


Inner diameter of spray pipe bend


Swing amplitude of spray pipe


Nozzle hole diameter and spacing


Studio size

Depth 1000×width 1000×height 1000mm (appropriate size can be customized according to customer requirements)

Rain pressure

About 80Kpa~892Kpa

Adjustable water flow

Flow rate is 0.6L/min

Test bench area


Table rotation


Diffusion hole diameter

About 1mm

Number of diffuser holes

About one hundred

Water spray distance


Angle spray rod


Nozzle spacing article

Not more than 250mm

Water supply

25.4L/min adjustable

Swing frequency

Advanced frequency converter speed regulation

It can meet the swing tube method (Rb2.1) and the hand-held sprinkler method (Rb2.2) in the water test


380VAC/4.8Kw three-phase five-wire power supply

fulfill the standard

GB/T2423.38-1990 GB4942-93 IEC60529 GB4208-2006 "Basic Environmental Test Regulations for Electrical and Electronic Products" Test R: Water test method IPX3 IPX4


Environmental testing equipment testing method / technical agreement between the two parties

The above product operating technical data are measured at room temperature 25℃±5℃, relative humidity≤85%R.H, and no-load conditions.

Control System

Project Description
Temperature measurement Pt100 platinum thermal resistance
Control instrument Color touch screen programmable controller;
Setting accuracy Temperature: 0.1℃,
Operation mode Constant (fixed-point control) and program
Power Control Using SCR zero-crossing trigger power adjustment technology, the control is reliable, no noise, and no grid pollution.
1. Both the swing lever speed controller and the turntable speed controller adopt "Schneider" variable frequency speed controller;
2.The water pump/flow meter are all domestic brands.
3. Other electrical accessories are made of high-quality brand products: such as "Schneider" AC contactor, "Omron" intermediate relay, "Delixi" fuse, etc.

Safety protection
1. This test box meets the national electrical safety standards, wiring specifications, and each wiring port is clearly marked, without being exposed;

2. The studio is absolutely insulated from each power source, safe and reliable;

3. Complete safety protection function (as follows); 1) Reliable grounding protection device; 2) Leakage/open circuit protection; 3) Water pressure protection; 4) Overload fuse protection;