Economic Environmental Salt Spray Test/Testing Chamber for Corrosion Test

Model: PW-CS270
The salt spray corrosion test chamber is suitable for testing spare parts, electronic components, protective layer of metallic material, and industry products.
Test chamber made by PVC board, durable temperature up to 60°C;
Closures made by PVC Impact-resistant board;
Hidden supplementary reagent bottle with water level display, easy to clean and unbreakable;
Saturated air barrel made by SUS#304 material, high pressure-resistant, quality insulation ;
Plane indexing rack, angle adjustable.
Salt spray testing: test chamber  35°C±1°C, saturated air barrel 47°C±1°C
Corrosion test: test chamber  50°C±1°C, saturated air barrel 63°C±1°C
Two-stage adjustment air supply system
Rough adjustment: 2-2.5kg/cm² with oil water filtrate function
Precision adjustment: 1kg/cm² 1/4PT pressure
Take suck salt then flog, uniform atomization, none blocking crystallization, ensure continuous testing.
Adopted special glass nozzle, spray volume & angle can be adjustable
Adjustable spray volume: 1 - 2 ml 80cm²/hr(16 hours average amount)
Directly heating method, speed temperature rising, OFF/OFF auto switch, titanium heating tube.
Test chamber temperature range 0 - 99.9°C, LCD display with P.I.D, control error ± 0.3°C
Saturated air barrel temperature range 0 - 99.9°C, LCD display with P.I.D, control error ± 0.3°C
Heating tank liquid expansion safety temperature range 0-120°C
Saturated air barrel liquid expansion safety temperature control 0-120°C
Digital timer from 0.1s-9990hr
Automatic water adds supplementary system, will be adding when in low water level automatically.

Model PW-CS270
Temperature range RT+ 5°C ~ 55°C
Temperature uniformity 2°C
Temperature fluctuation ±0.5
Salt spray sedimentation rate 1~2ml/80cm²•h
Inner size (L×W×H) 90x60x50cm
External size(cm)(L×W×H) 141x88x128cm