Electronic Rolling Machine for Lab/ Laboratory Equipment with CE Approved

Model: PW-PR4
It is suitable for the preparation of test samples for adhesive tape, film peeling force, stickiness, etc., using the weight of the roller itself, so that the test piece can be completely adhered to the test plate for the purpose of adhesion holding force
Model PW-ST01
With two sets of rolling rollers, 4 sets of test pieces can be produced at the same time.
Rolling weight 2kg, surface coating rubber hardness 80°±5°, after grinding.
Rolling speed 0~1000mm/min (can be arbitrarily set in touch)
Rolling stroke One or two rounds can be set arbitrarily, and one or two pieces can be rolled;
Testing frequency Arbitrary setting;
There is no need to remove the roller to place the test piece, which is convenient and safe to operate;
Rolling wheel width 45mm;
The distance between the two rolling wheels 70MM;
Valid itinerary About 460MM;
When the rolling wheel is reset to the starting point, it hangs naturally to prevent the surface of the wheel from being compressed and deformed;
Driven by a servo motor system, the speed and displacement are accurate;