Desktop Constant Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber

Model: PW-TST-36-40N
Constant temperature and humidity test box is also called constant temperature test box, constant humidity test box, damp heat test box, constant damp heat test box, linear constant temperature and humidity test box. Equipment for testing the performance of materials in various environments and testing various materials for heat resistance, cold resistance, dry resistance and humidity resistance. It is suitable for testing the quality of products such as electronics, electrical appliances, communications, instruments, vehicles, plastic products, metals, food, chemicals, building materials, medical treatment, and aerospace.
Standard and test methods
Satisfy the test standards: Meet the relevant requirements of accelerated and long-term tests in the National Pharmacopoeia, FDA, ICH and other relevant standards.
Manufacturing execution standards (technical conditions): refer to GB10586.

Equipment usage conditions
Environment temperature: 5-30℃ Environmental humidity: ≤85%R.H.

Air conditioning and refrigeration system

Air conditioning mode

Forced ventilation and internal circulation to balance temperature and humidity

Air circulating plant

Blower fan system×1

Heating method

Electric heaters

Humidification method

Electric steam humidifier (with 1 set)

Water supply method

Automatic circulating water supply system, equipped with a special water tank with automatic submersible pump and water inlet pipe system device

Cooling method

Low-temperature refrigeration compressor unit, cascade control, environmentally friendly refrigerant R404

Cooling method

Wind cooling

Equipment noise


Chamber structure

Box material

Anti-corrosion thickness of cold sheet electrostatic powder baking paint 1.0mm

Inner wall material

Matte surface SUS304# stainless steel plate thickness 1.0mm

Gate observation window

Four layers of insulating glass

Test hole

ф50 Do verification hole

Studio lighting

LED lighting

Stainless steel carrier

2 sets


Control and monitoring systems

Humidity control

Adopt 5.7 inch temperature and humidity controller, touch high-precision temperature and humidity controller Chinese and English conversion, 240×80 point wide viewing angle, high contrast, large LCD display with backlight function, 1200Steps/120Parrerns. Computer connection 232 interface, temperature and humidity test Curve display, remote monitoring

Control precision

Temperature ±0.1, humidity ±1%R.H
Resolution: temperature 0.01 or humidity 0.01%R.H.
Temperature slope: 0.19.9 can be set
Humidity slope: 099%(RH) can be set
With upper and lower limit standby and alarm function
Two choices of temperature input signal: PT 100Ω or mv
Temperature conversion output: 10mv/1, 10mv/1%RH 9 groups of P.I.D control parameter settings, P.I.D automatic calculation Automatic temperature correction

Controller function

It adopts screen dialogue mode, no key input is required, and the screen directly touches the options Direct display of temperature and humidity setting (SV) and actual (PV) values
Can display the current execution program number, segment number, remaining time and cycle number
Operating cumulative time function
The temperature and humidity program setting value is displayed in a graphic curve, with real-time display program curve execution function
With a separate program editing screen, 5 sections of temperature and time can be input per page Fixed point or program action status display Chinese display
The screen can be adjusted for backlight
The screen display protection function can be set for timing, TIMER or manual shutdown The amount of programs that can be used: up to 120 groups
Usable memory capacity: 1200 segments
Repeatable commands: each command can be up to 999 times
The production of the program adopts dialogue style, with editing, clearing, inserting and other functions
With 2 sets of time signal output control (can control the ON/OFF action of the test object) Skip and hold function in program execution Time setting 0~99Hr59min With power-off program memory, it will automatically start and continue to execute the program after power is restored
With RS-232C communication interface
Graphical curve can be displayed in real time during program execution
With scheduled start and shutdown function With date and time adjustment function Button and screen lock (LOCK) function

Heating method

Efficient SUS316# stainless steel fin heating tube, making the machine safer

Temperature control

Pt100 platinum resistance temperature sensor


Programmable desktop constant temperature and humidity test chamber



Inner box sizemm

300×400×300 (W×D×H)mm

Temperature range


Temperature rise and fall rate


Cooling rate

20℃∽-40℃ ≤60min

Heating rate

RT∽100 ℃≤30min

Humidity range


Temperature fluctuation


Temperature deviation


Humidity deviation


Installation power


Space utilization


Power supply

AC 220V  1PH    50/60HZ