Heat Sealer

Model: PW-HST-T02
Test Standard: QB/T 2358、ASTM F2029、YBB 00122003

The PW-HST-T02 heat sealer  adopts the test principle of the heat pressure sealing method, which is suitable for measuring the heat sealing pressure, heat sealing temperature and heat sealing of flexible packaging composite films, plastic film substrates, coated paper and other heat sealing composite films Time and other parameters are indispensable test instruments in laboratories, scientific research, and online production. They are also called heat seal strength testers, heat seal performance testers, and heat seal strength testers.

Test principle

PW-HST-T02 adopts the hot pressure sealing method. The sample to be sealed is placed between the upper and lower heat sealing heads, and the sample is sealed under the preset temperature, pressure and time. By heat sealing the sample under test conditions such as pressure and time, a suitable packaging process for the sample can be obtained.


1. Fully automatic control of the heat sealing pressure, avoiding the error of manual pressure adjustment, and significantly improving the accuracy of pressure control and test efficiency;
2. Double PID control of heat sealing pressure and heat sealing temperature, effectively improving the control accuracy of pressure and temperature;
3. Both manual and foot pedal test start modes and anti-scald safety design can effectively ensure the convenience and safety of users;
4. Parameters such as heat-sealing pressure, heat-sealing temperature and heat-sealing time can all be preset, directly enter the value to enter the test mode;
5. The key components are imported from world-renowned brands to ensure the accuracy and stability of the system;
6. Imported high-speed and high-precision sampling chip to ensure the real-time and accuracy of test data;
7. 7-inch high-definition color LCD screen, convenient for users to control and display real-time data and curves; 8. Support historical data for quick viewing.

Product configuration

Standard configuration: host, embedded software, foot switch
Options: professional software, communication cable, micro printer
Remarks: The air source interface of this machine is a Ф6mm polyurethane tube; the air source user should prepare it by himself




Heat sealing temperature

Room temperature300

Heat sealing pressure

50700Kpa (depending on the heat sealing area)

Heat sealing time


Temperature uniformity


Temperature control accuracy


Heat sealing area

330 mm×10 mm(customizable)

Heating form

Double heating (can be controlled independently)

Air pressure

0.7 MPa~0.8 MPa (Gas source user-provided)

Air connection

Ф6 mmPolyurethane tube

Power supply

AC 220V 50Hz / AC 120V 60 Hz


448mm (L)×338 mm (W)×425 mm (H)

Approximate net weight