High and Low Temperature and Low Pressure Test Chamber

Model: PW-CHLV2000-60
Test Standard: GB10590
Machine Introduce
This product is manufactured according to user requirements, referring to GB10590 low temperature/low pressure test chamber technical conditions, 
GB 10589 low temperature test chamber corresponding technical conditions, GB 11158 high temperature test chamber corresponding technical conditions, 
mainly for aerospace, aviation, petroleum, chemical, military, automotive , Shipping, electronics, communications and other scientific research and production units to provide temperature and humidity change environment,to simulate the adaptability test of the sample under the temperature and humidity change environment condition,and to provide reliability test and product screening for the safety test of electronic components;
It is used for high temperature test,low temperature test, temperature-low air pressure test function of various connectors, cables, micro motors, etc.

●The structure design of the test system is advanced and reasonable, the manufacturing process is standardized, and the appearance is beautiful and generous.
●The main functional components of the test box adopt world-famous brand configuration (high gold content), advanced and reliable technical principles, and optimal control of noise and energy saving-its performance can be compared with similar foreign products. ●The matching of parts and components is good. The main functional components are all imported parts with the international advanced level, which improves the safety and reliability of the product and can ensure the long-term and high-frequency use requirements of users.
●The equipment has good operability, maintainability, good temperature stability and durability, good safety performance, does not pollute the environment and endanger human health;
●Communication protocol: Provide programming interface function, need to be equipped with monitoring software; Curve recording function: RAM with battery protection, can save the set value and sampling value of the device and the time of sampling time. Display: TFT color LCD display; Operation mode: Program mode, fixed value mode; Setting mode: Chinese and English menu