High Speed Peel Testing Machine

Model: PW-UH03A
Test Standard: GB/T2792,ASTM D3330,GB2792-81

The machine is developed and designed for 90° and 180° peel test, friction test and horizontal tensile test and other related tests.Especially there is a test piece fixing plate with adjustable angle on the machine, and the height and angle of the sensor can be changed according to the needs of users.  A variety of peel tests can be performed at different angles.


This machine is operated by computer for machine setting and curve test analysis, which is very convenient in operation.
Test & Control System is designed for PC Electronic Universal Testing Machines, PC Hydraulic Universal Testing Machines and PC Compression testers; Can conduct tensile, compression, bending, shearing, tearing and peeling test; The PC and interface board are used to collect, save, process and print the test results of the data; It can calculate parameters such as maximum force, yield force, average peel force, maximum deformation, yield point, elastic modulus, etc.;It can be used for curve processing, multi-sensor support, graphical interface, flexible data processing, MS-ACCESS database support, making the system more powerful.making more powerful function of system.

Capacity selection 5N、10N、20N、50N、100N、200N,500N
Display Computer display mode
Force Resolution 1/500,000
Strength precision 0.3%
Stroke resolution 1/500,000
Acquisition Rate 50HZ
Control method Full computer operation mode
Test stroke 800mm
Test Width 100mm
Test Speed 0.1-30000mm/min (can be set)
Force unit switching kgf,N,Ibf,g,ton,Mpa
Stop Mode Overload stop, emergency stop button, specimen damage automatic stop, upper & lower limit set automatic stop, automatic reset function
Machine Dimension 1530 x 470 x 460mm (W×D×H)
Machine Drive The machine is powered by an AC servo motor, and the moving components are composed of ball screws and high-precision slide rails
Power 400W
 Machine Weight About 85kg
Power Supply 220V 50/60HZ 5A
Standard Configuration 1 set of grips, computer software, USB computer connection wire
Optional Personal compute