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High Temperature Ashing Furnace

Model: PW-CMF series

It is also called muffle furnace, which is widely used in special baking process. It can be used for aging test of electronic components and plastic chemical products, as well as preheating of knives and iron, quenching, burning, stewing, annealing, ashing test, Refining and other high heat treatment tests, etc.

Temperature control system

1. Resolution accuracy ±1℃; 2. The uniformity of distribution in the box is ±5.0℃;
3. Temperature range: room temperature~1000℃ ;
4. Heating time: about 12 minutes at room temperature 100℃;
5. Heater: The heating material is high temperature heating wire;
6. The temperature control is PID microcomputer, which can automatically calculate, PV/SV can be displayed at the same time, and it can be set by pressing keys. Any temperature value between normal temperature and maximum temperature can be set;
7. Timer setting: A, 9.99 seconds-999 hours (you can choose to set hours, minutes, seconds) B. Time when the temperature is up, and the heating current is cut off when the time is up;
8. CA (K) type for temperature sensing input;
9. The current controller is ScR thyristor, with high control accuracy;
10. Heating method: A, thermal radiation convection; 

Safety protection system

1. High temperature protection system: When the temperature is out of control due to external forces, the system will automatically stop heating and power supply when the set temperature exceeds 10 degrees, thereby protecting the safety of your products and machines;
2. Over-current protection system: When the power of the whole machine exceeds the normal power due to high external voltage or other reasons, the system will automatically power off to protect the industrial control components of the whole machine from being damaged.

1. Inner box size: 300*300*300mm (width * height * depth);
2. Outer box size: subject to the actual product;
3. The controller is located under the machine, and the door opens from right to left;
4. The inner material is high temperature resistant ceramic plate;
5. The outer material is SECC steel plate, powder baking varnish, thickness 1.5mm;
6. The insulation material is imported rock wool, and the insulation thickness is 150mm;
7. With movable feet and fixed feet, it can be pushed at will and fixed position;
8. Voltage 380V 9. Power 12KW