High Temperature Retentivity Tester

Model: PW-SS10-T2

This machine is dedicated to the adhesive tape holding test under high temperature environment. It simulates the time that the adhesive tape can be kept under the specified load under the specified load in the high temperature environment to confirm the aging of the tape. When the tape is from the steel plate After falling, the timer automatically retains the test time to evaluate the durability of the adhesive tape in high temperature environments.
Design standard: GB/T2792, GB/T4851, PSTC-7, CNS11887, CNS11888

When the adhesive tape needs to be used in a relatively high temperature environment, the outer box with temperature control function is the main body when the stickiness test is performed, and the fixture for hanging the test piece is added. The test temperature can be adjusted according to actual needs. The special design of this machine makes the temperature of the entire test space more uniform.
Number of test groups 10 groups, independent timer
Temperature Room temperature +5℃200℃ (can be set arbitrarily)
Control method Microcomputer automatic temperature calculation
Temperature analysis 0.1℃
Temperature accuracy ±1℃
Weight 1kg,10pcs
Timer Electronic LCD display, automatic retention time, 999999, 9 minutes, high-quality buttons, no external power supply, a total of 10 groups (imported from Japan)
Weight 1kg*10pcs
Test steel plate SUS#304 Mirror steel plate
Connector 10 pieces
Safety protection All test pieces fall, the buzzer sounds (with switch), and automatically cut off the heat
Machine structure The inner tank is made of all stainless steel, and the outer shell is treated with high-grade electrostatic spraying;
Machine size 90×55×75cm
Machine weight 80kg
Power supply AC220V 50/60HZ