Mask visual field tester

Model: PW-MV10
Equipment purpose

The mask visual field tester is used to test the visual field effect of daily protective masks, masks and gas masks.It is applicable to labor safety and protection inspection center, medical device and drug inspection center, disease prevention and control Center, textile testing center, mask and mask manufacturers, etc. 

Applicable standards

GB/T 32610-2016  Technical Specification for daily protective masks 6.12

GB 2890-2009  Respiratory protection self-priming filter gas mask 6.8

GB 2626-2006  Respirator self-priming filter respirator against particulate matter

GB 21976.7 2012  Building fire escape equipment - Part 7: Filtration type fire rescue breathing apparatus

Mask testing equipment is an important hardware facility for measuring the product quality of masks, protective clothing and other medical resources, and distinguishing true and false masks and good and bad masks. The equipment meets the standards and specifications

1) GB/T 32610-2016 Technical specifications for daily protective masks;

2) GB 19083-2010 Technical requirements for medical protective masks;

3) YY 0469-2011 Surgical mask related instruments;

4) GB 2626-2006 Respiratory protective equipment;

5) GB 2890-2009 Respiratory protection self-priming filter gas mask;

6) SELF-CONTAINED open circuit compressed air breathing apparatus;

7) GA 124-2013 Positive pressure fire air respirator.

Technical indicators of mask visual field tester

1. Visual field meter: Half arc arch with a radius of 300040mm, which can be rotated through the horizontal radius of 0 °, and the arc arch is marked with scale lines (one scale for every 15°); 

2. Test head mold: a standard head mold with small bulbs in the holes of the head mold. The position of the bulb and the position of the head mold shall be in accordance with the requirements of standard GB 2890. 

3. Calculation of visual field area:

Using special software system, automatically calculated by the computer: visual field area;Unit of measurement: Mm2.