Max Automatic Vision Measuring Machine

Model: PW-OMV2515
PWiMeasuring software is a professional multi-sensor measuring software that combined with the developers' ten years of experience in the measuring and software research industry.

PWiMeasuring software is a professional multi-sensor measuring software that combined with the developers' ten years of experience in the measuring and software research industry. The design principle is friendly operation, powerful function, high accuracy and stability, simple maintenance.

Support with multiple languages, no need to install the language pack and change the software which is convenient to local customers.

Professional SPC statistical analysis software connected to measuring software, to realize that the data could automatically export to the SPC database without manual operation.

The same model of software will be permanently free to update, it can help to reduce other trouble to customers.

With powerful edge finder algorithm, can help to get the edge of the shadow or dark image and ensure high accuracy.

The software could automatically recognize and measure lines, circles, arcs, and other elements.

It is based on different elements and supplies multiple element construction functions such as Translation, rotation, extraction, combinations, parallel, vertical, mirroring, symmetry, intersection, tangent, etc.

The software can show you different intelligent processing functions such as ultra limit red alert, ultra-limit pause, failure measuring pause, manual measurement, skip running, forced running, etc.

The measuring data can auto export to TXT, WORD, EXCEL, and SPC software database without the third-party software conversion and manual operation.

The software can import "cancel" and "Recover" to make it easier and faster to operate.

Image window and drawing window can be synchronous display measurement elements and two-dimension size, the user clear.

Software support adds a simple probe based on image measurement, implements a simple 3D measurement.

It can easily measure flatness quickly with a powerful laser measuring function and test the small bumps, pits, V-angle, and high-precision surface scanning while video and probe cannot test it.

The software provides the auxiliary dimming instruction function to avoid the measurement error caused by the light intensity problem, and improve the measurement accuracy and efficiency.

The software can photograph artifacts together, to form a large map and annotation and measurement.

Software that can be introduced into the navigation view, click the middle mouse button, convenient and quick to locate to a certain position under test.

The software provides accurate focusing, fast focusing, and high image measurement, and the repeatability can reach 3um (2X optical multiplier).

The software can be convenient to import and export DXF documents and establish the reference coordinate system for automatic measurement.

The software offers a variety of motion control modes, convenient and quick for positioning operation. 1. Operating handle; 2. Click the button in the image window and press the right button; 3. Click the mouse button in the drawing window; 4. The element list window moves to the figure element; 5. The motion control window clicks the mouse; 6. Click the mouse button in the scanning window; 7. Click the mouse button in the map window; 8. Input coordinate values.

The software offers a variety of system error correction functions, such as linear compensation, compensation section, perpendicularity error compensation, Z-axis straightness error compensation, the lens center offset error compensation, to ensure that any XY plane position precision can reach 2um.

Software automatic calculation and identification of the current optical magnification and a video total magnification shows quite a quantity of pixels.