Large Oven

Model: PW-CO1440-T2
Description SYSTEM

It is  used for drying, baking, wax melting and sterilization in industrial and mining enterprises, laboratory rooms, scientific research units, etc

Box structure size
1Inner dimension: 120(W)×120(H)×100(D)±1cm;
2The controller is located on the top of the machine, the double doors open from right to left
3、The inner material is mirror stainless steel plate thickness of 1.0mm;
4、The outer material is SECC steel plate thickness ≥1.2mm powder baking paint treatment
5、The thermal insulation material is 100K high-density glass rock wool with a thickness of 100mm, which has good thermal insulation and maximizes the temperature insulation.
6、There are two layers inside, two stainless steel grids (mesh shape)

7、The tight material is high temperature resistant silica gel strip;

8、Glassless window;
9、Equipped with movable casters and fixed feet.

Supply unit

Voltage: 380V three-phase    Power: 8KW

Parameters and temperature control system

1. The temperature control is PID microcomputer, which can automatically calculate, PV/SV can be displayed at the same time, and it can be set by pressing buttons. Any temperature value between normal temperature and maximum temperature can be set (Taiwan Pine);
2. Timer setting, 99.9 seconds-999 hours (optionally set hours, minutes, seconds,)
a. Continuous use
b. When the temperature is up, the time is up to cut off the heating current (the alarm device ends)
3. CA(K) TYPE temperature sensor head;
4. The output is 3-32V;
5. The current controller is controlled by the solid state relay to control the power output, and the temperature control PID microcomputer contact output, the signal automatically adjusts the output ratio, and can accurately control the temperature overshoot accuracy (Taiwan Yangming);
6. The heating material is stainless steel heater;
7. Temperature range RT~200℃;
8. Heating rate: RT-100℃ for about 15 minutes; 9. Control accuracy: ±1℃;
9. Uniformity of temperature distribution in the box: ±4℃ (no load).

Air supply system
1. Forced horizontal air circulation, the air source is driven by the circulating motor to drive the wind wheel through the electric heater, and the hot air is sent from the air duct to the inside of the oven, and the hot air after use is sucked into the air duct to become the air source to recirculate heating, thereby reducing Energy loss and ensure the temperature uniformity in the box, when the temperature drops caused by the opening of the door, the air circulation system can also be used to quickly restore the temperature value of the working state.
2. The motor is a long-shaft high temperature resistant type with a power of 1hp/50Hz (Taiwan).
3. The 10.5-inch wind wheel is a multi-blade turbine type.
4. Adjustable wind deflector is installed inside.
5. There is an air inlet at the rear and two sets of air outlets on the top, and the exhaust air volume is adjustable.
Safety protection system

1. Over-temperature protection system: When the temperature is out of control due to external forces, the system will automatically stop the power supply of the whole machine when the set temperature exceeds 10 degrees, thereby protecting the safety of your products and machines;
2. Fuse and overcurrent protection system: When the power of the whole machine exceeds the normal power due to high voltage or other reasons, the system will automatically cut off the power to protect the industrial control components of the whole machine from being damaged;
3. Motor overheating protection to prevent motor damage caused by motor overheating, phase sequence protection.