Particle filtration efficiency tester

Model: PWF-100
To detect the filtration efficiency of particles such as melt spray cloth, plane mask and three-dimensional mask filter material.
Product Features

1. The cold-generating aerosol generator is used to produce continuous and stable aerosol particles, and the filling of the solution is simple and convenient.
2. Two sets of high-precision aerosol particle detection sensors are used to measure the upper and lower chambers simultaneously.
3. Configure salt particulate aerosol generator.
4. Equipped with aerosol particle electrostatic charge neutralization device.
5. Configure high-precision digital gas flow sensor to accurately measure gas flow.
6. Configure industrial-grade temperature and humidity sensors to accurately measure the ambient temperature and humidity in real time. (Test conditions: 25±5℃ 30±10% RH)
7. 7-inch touch screen, simple and clear operation.
8. Pneumatic fixture, easy to load and change samples.
9. Pumping and exhausting integrated silent vacuum pump without external air source.
10. High-precision pressure gauge and flow control valve can adjust the aerosol concentration.
11. The micro printer can print test data.
12. Intelligent configuration such as leakage protection, overload protection, power-down save, etc., effectively protect the safety of use.
13. Dedicated test software, can be connected to a computer (optional)

Conform to the standard

GB 2626 Respiratory protective equipment self-priming filter respirator against particulate matter

GB/T 32610-2016 Technical specifications for daily protective masks

GB 19083-2010 Technical requirements for medical protective masks

GB 19082-2009 Technical requirements for medical disposable protective clothing

YY 0496-2011 Surgical masks

1. Flow range: (0~100) L/min, accuracy 1%
2. Filtration efficiency: (0.001~99.999)%
3. Test area: 100cm2
4. Aerosol glue: sodium chloride and oily medium, which meets the salt and oil test methods;
5. Aerosol concentration: no more than 30mg/m3 (salt), no more than 30mg/m3 (oil)
6. Counting median diameter: salt particles (0.075±0.02)um, oily particles (0.185±0.02)um
7. Geometric standard deviation of particle size distribution: salty particles ≤1.86
8. Power: AC220V 50Hz / 1.2KW
9. Product size: about length * width * height (860mm*760mm*1680mm)