Pneumatic Drop Test Machine

Model: PW-6612
The pneumatic drop test machine adopts a pneumatic cylinder drive and a single-wing structure. It can be operated and used in a small space. It is suitable for the drop impact test of packaging materials, such as cartons, suitcases, electrical appliances, etc., as well as electronic products and accessories.Pneumatic drop test machine is an indispensable important test machine for other manufacturers of products that need to do drop test.Test results can ensure the safety of the product from a drop impact during transportation. 

1. The machine is a single-wing pneumatic drop, which does not take up space and does not need to be pulled back into position by hand;
2. The structure is very stable and strong;
3. The motor has a brake, which can be accurately adjusted to the set test height;
4. The transmission uses a ball screw,which rises and falls quickly .The transmission uses a ball screw to increase the efficiency of use.

Test height 30 ~ 130 CM adjustable, electric ascent and descent with distance setting and scale indication, speed is about 2000 mm/min.
Dimension of falling shelf 27 × 47 cm (W × D) standard product, measuring 30-130 cm in height
Maximum load of falling shelf  60kg
Bearing base area  85×95 cm (W×D)
Dimension of the largest packaged test material  80×80×80 cm (the rhombus line and the rhomboid angle exceeding 80cm need to be specified).
Falling method  Electric push-button pneumatic cylinder drives down, electric push-button pneumatic cylinder position.The initial speed of the shelf must be faster than the free fall, so that the measured object falls at the clamping angle without shifting, which increases the test accuracy.
Power supply  Single phase, 220V, 50 or 60HZ, 8A
Dimension of machine  85×150×230 cm ( W × D ×H )
Machine weight  450 kg
Attachment  A set of clamps of the rhombus line and the rhomboid angle ,which can adjust the measured object to fall at a fixed angle