RX3 Series Rain Test Device

Model: PW-RX3 series

Pendulum rain shower device is suitable for outdoor lighting, communication products, signal devices and automotive lamps and other products to do shell protection level test. This equipment artificially simulates rain test, excluding rain with strong wind speed, and does not consider the temperature and rain of the test sample The large amount of water ingress caused by the temperature difference can provide corresponding environmental simulation and accelerated tests for scientific research, product development and quality control.

Swing tube rain device meets the standard

The pendulum rain shower device complies with GB4208 enclosure protection level, GB2423.38 "Basic Environmental Test Regulations for Electrical and Electronic Products Test R: Water Test Method", GB7000 General Safety Requirements and Tests for Lamps, GB4706 General Requirements, GB/T10485 "Exterior of Automobiles and Trailers" National standards such as "Basic Environmental Test of Lighting Devices".

The structure and working principle of the rain shower device

1. The rain test equipment consists of four parts: swing pipe support, swing pipe drive, work rotating table, and electrical control. The support, turntable protective cover and console are made of SUS304 stainless steel hairline board. With pipeline pump and water filter device, equipped with pressure gauge and flow meter.
2. Worktable rotation: The motor drives the turbine to decelerate and rotate, so as to reach the rotation speed of the worktable.
3. Swing of the pendulum tube: drive the reducer through a stepper motor, PLC (imported parts), and set it automatically through a programmable logic controller.
4. Nozzle: Determine the bending radius of the pendulum tube according to the size of the test piece. The nozzle is a detachable special nozzle. The nozzle hole can be replaced at any time according to the standard required hole diameter, so that the ejected water droplets are uniform and the flow rate is sufficient.
5. Waterway: drainage should be considered for rain showering with open swing pipes, and it should be considered for rapid discharge during civil construction, preferably without water accumulation. In addition, a storage tank of considerable capacity is required to supply the test requirements.

Operating conditions of the rain shower device

1. Ambient temperature: 5℃~30℃, ambient humidity: ≤85%R.H.
2. The machine should not be placed at 80 centimeters at the front, rear, left, and right.
Because the swing drive motor is exposed to the outside, its waterproof level should not be lower than IPX4. We have a waterproof cover to prevent water from entering the equipment.

Diameter of spray hole φ0.4mm
Swing tube radius 1000mm
Pendulum swing tube 120°、180°、about350°
Swing tube speed The average swing rate of the swing tube can be adjusted to: about 60°/s (10r/min);
Rain pressure 80~100KPa(Adjustable)
Water flow 0.07L/min(Adjustable)
Test bench size A variety of replaceable supporting tables, including three non-porous circular plates with diameters of 250mm, 550mm, and 1050mm), and two grid plates with diameters of 280mm and 550mm
Number of spray holes 41-62
Distance between holes 50mm
Test bench speed 1-17r/min(Adjustable)
supply voltage AC380V/50HZ