Tensile Testing Machine for Rubber & Plastic

Model: PW-S72
YL-S72 Rubber Tensile Testing Machine is specially designed to test the strength of various materials, finished products, and semi-finished products.
YL-S72 Rubber Tensile Testing Machine is specially designed to test the strength of various materials, finished products and semi-finished products. It selects various fixtures and tools and is suitable for measuring the mechanical properties and related physical parameters of various materials under tension, compression, bending, shearing, tearing, peeling, puncture, and other states. It can perform tensile, compression, three-point bending, four-point bending, shearing, tearing, peeling, finished shoe puncture, carton holding pressure, foam cycle compression, spring tension and compression and various dynamic and static cycle tests.
Powerful auxiliary tools for data analysis statistics and curve graph analysis, with functions such as zoom in, zoom out, pan, cross cursor, and point selection. Multiple historical test data can be imported into the graph and displayed at the same time for comparative analysis. Up to 7 interval settings, 40 manual point picking, 120 automatic point picking functions. It has various statistical functions such as maximum value, minimum value, average value, high and low average value, median, standard deviation, overall standard deviation, and CPK value.
Model YL-S70 YL-S71 YL-S72 YL-S73
Capacity selection 10N,20N,50N,100N,200N,500N,1KN,2KN,5KN(Optional dual-capacity configuration with quick replacement requirements)
Control method Full computer control, powerful software
Unit of strength N,kN,gf,kgf,lbf,kP,tf(SI),tf(long), etc.
Length unit mm,cm,Inch,m,km,um, etc.
Stress unit Pa,Kpa,Mpa,Gpa,KN/m2,N/m2 etc.
Strength Resolution 1/500,000
Precision Better than level 0.5
Stroke resolution 1/500,000mm
Acquisition rate 50 times/S
Effective stroke 450mm 700mm 1000mm 1300mm
Speed range 0.01~500mm/min(customizable)
Test space Ø140mm
Stop mode Overload shutdown, emergency stop button, automatic shutdown of specimen damage, automatic shutdown of upper and lower limit settings
Machine power Servo motor drive
Machine size (W×D×H) 520×590×1061mm 520×590×1325mm 520×590×1530mm 520×590×1880mm
Machine net weight 45KG 50KG 55KG 70KG
Power 400W
Power supply 220V 50~60HZ
Machine equipment 1 USB\232 cable, 1 software
Optional accessories Two-point extensometer, fixture, computer