Touch Screen Softening Point Tester

Model: PW-WKD300
Product Introduction
This model is a manual thermal deformation Vicat and softening point temperature tester using a high-precision thermostat and a high-precision micrometer, with accurate testing and long service life. The product is simple to operate, easy to use, stable in performance and high in product accuracy. This series of models is an indispensable instrument for the self-inspection of quality inspection units, universities and enterprises.
Executive standard
GB/T1633 "Determination of Vicat Softening Temperature (VST) of Thermoplastics" GB/T1634 "Determination of Deflection Temperature of Plastics under Load Part 1: General Test Method"
GB/T8802 "Determination of softening temperature of plastic pipe fittings" IS075-2013 "Determination of plastic load deformation temperature"
ASTM D 648 "Plastic Heat Deflection Temperature Test Method"
ASTM D 1525 "Plastic Vicat Softening Temperature Test Method"
Product advantages
1. Intelligent PID adjustment, accurate heating rate, accurate temperature control and no difference;
2. It can do thermal deformation test of various standard splines;
3. Vicat softening point test of various standard splines can be done;
4. There are software over-temperature protection and external mechanical over-temperature protection dual protection, so that the test has no worries.

Temperature control rangeAmbient temperature—300
Heating rate:(120±10/h  (12±1)/6min 
           (50±5)/h   (5±0.5)/6min
Temperature indication error0.1
Temperature control accuracy±0.5
Maximum deformation indication error±0.001mm
Deformation measurement range0—10mm
Number of sample racks3
Load bar and pallet quality68g
Test span rangeAccording to standard 64 or 100mm
Fuel tank capacityabout 25L
Heating mediumMethyl silicone oil or transformer oil
Cooling methodNatural cooling above 150, water cooling or natural cooling below 150
Heating power2kw  
Weights (including boxed weights)3 sets
Multi-purpose power socket: one