Transmittance Haze Tester

Model: PW-810

The light transmittance/haze tester is based on the National Standard of the People’s Republic of China GB2410-80 "Transparent Plastics Transmittance and Haze Test Method" and the American Society for Testing and Materials Standard ASTM D1003-61 (1997) Standard Test Method for Haze and Luminous Transmittance of Transparent Plastice" design of the computerized automatic measuring instrument, suitable for all transparent, semi-transparent parallel plane samples (plastic plate, sheet, plastic film, flat glass) of the transmittance, transmittance haze, reflectivity The test is also suitable for the measurement of the turbidity of liquid samples (water, beverages, pharmaceuticals, coloring liquids, grease), and has a wide range of applications in national defense scientific research and industrial and agricultural production.

The technical parameters conform to the GB2410-2008 ASTM D1003-61 (2007) JIS K7105-81 and other test standards, which is conducive to technical exchanges at home and abroad.
It adopts parallel illumination, hemispherical scattering, and integrating sphere photoelectric receiving method.
Using a microcomputer automatic operating system and data processing system, no knob operation, easy to use. It can save up to 800 sets of measurement result data, with U disk storage function and standard USB interface to establish communication with PC. The light transmittance result is directly displayed to 0.01%, and the haze is displayed to 0.01%.
Due to the adoption of the modulator, the instrument is not affected by ambient light and does not need to use a dark room, which ensures the accuracy of measurement of large samples.
A haze sheet is included, which is convenient for checking the operation function of the instrument at any time (note: the haze sheet cannot be wiped, you can blow it with an ear ball).

Optical system: collimated illumination, diffuse field of view, integrating sphere receiving method
Sample window size: entrance window Ø25mm exit window Ø21mm
Light source: C light source (6774K)
Receiver: Silicon Photocell
Electronic system: large LCD touch screen
Data storage: 800 sets of measurement data can be stored; U disk storage function; USB interface
Measuring range: light transmittance 0%-100.0% haze 0%-100.00% (0%-30.00% absolute measurement) (30.01%-100.00% relative measurement) Accuracy: light transmittance ≤1%, haze ≤0.5%, ≤±0.1%, haze >0.5%, ≤±0.3%
Repeatability: light transmittance ≤ 0.5%, haze ≤0.5%, 0.05%, haze ≥0.5%, 0.1%
Output communication interface: USB
Power supply: 220V±22V 50Hz±1 Hz Instrument size: 740mm*270mm*300mm
Net weight of the instrument: 21kg