Universal Material Testing Machine (20KN)

Model: PW-UD23
This machine can test rubber, plastic, leather, metal, nylon thread, fabric, paper and aviation, packaging, construction, petrochemical, electrical, vehicle...And so on the material tension, compression, bending, shear, bonding, stripping, tearing...And so on test, for quality control, incoming inspection, physical properties test, mechanical research, material development of basic equipment.
The universal testing machine is suitable for bending test of metal, nonmetal and composite materials, three-point bending test meets GB/T1449-2005 and GB/T9341-2008 test methods and standards, four-point bending test meets ASTM D6109-2010 test methods and standards, and can also carry out tensile, compression, shear, tear, peel and other mechanical properties test.It can automatically detect the material's maximum force value, yield force value, breaking force value, maximum deformation and yield elongation. According to GB, JIS, ASTM, DIN and other standards, the bending strength, bending modulus, tensile strength, yield strength, breaking strength, maximum elongation, yield elongation, breaking elongation, constant elongation stress, constant stress elongation, elastic modulus and other parameters can be calculated automatically.
The measurement and control system is specially designed for microcomputer electronic universal testing machine, microcomputer hydraulic universal testing machine,s and microcomputer press.It can be used for tensile, compression, bending, shearing, tearing and stripping tests.PC and interface board are used to collect, save, process and print test results.The maximum force, yield force, average stripping force, maximum deformation, yield point, elastic modulus and other parameters can be calculated.Curve processing, multi-sensor support, graphical interface, flexible data processing, and MS-Access database support, make the system more robust.
Capacity: 10N20N50N100N200N500N1KN2KN5KN10KN20KN (Max load :20KN)
Display: Computer display mode
Force Resolution: 1/500,000
Force Accuracy: ≤±0.3%
Load Range: 0.2% to 100% full scale
Stroke Resolution: 0.005mm
Measuring range of deformation: 2% to 100%
Accuracy Measure of Deformation: ±0.5%
Relative Error of speed: ≤±1%
Control Mode: All computerized operation mode
Test Stroke : 800mm
Test Width : 420mm
TestSpeed:0.01 ~ 500mm / min computer settings, with
up and down fast adjustment button of fixture
Force Unit Switch: Kgf, N, Ibf, g, ton, Mpa
Stop Mode: Overload stop, emergency stop button,
specimen damage automatic stop, upper & lower limit set
automatic stop, automatic reset function
Machine Dimension: 88×60×160cm(W×D×H)
Machine Drive: Servo motor drive, synchronous wheel
and precision ball screw drive
Power: 400W
Types of test : Tensile and Compression
Machine Weight: Approx 115kg
Power Supply: 220V 50/60HZ 10A