Water drop angle tester

Model: PW-WD300

This instrument is mainly used to measure the wettability of liquids to solids. By measuring the contact angle of liquids to solids, calculating and determining the free energy of liquids, that is, the adhesion of liquids to solids, tension and other indicators, it can be widely used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, For scientific research and teaching in the fields of papermaking and exhaustive materials

Contact angle measurement range 0-180    
Contact angle measurement accuracy ±0.1    
Contact angle test method Separation method, cutting method, captive bubble method    
Contact angle analysis method Automatic ring fitting method, manual inclined plane measurement method, manual ellipse fitting, curved surface measurement method, width and height measurement method, manual tangent method, dynamic measurement method    
Surface energy measurement Fowks method, OWRK method, ZismanPlot method, EOS method    
Work table size 100mm×120mm    
Workbench movement Up and down 50mm, left and right 50mm, front and rear 30mm    
Workbench up and down 30mm    
Workbench fixed plate movement 150mm front and rear    
Injector movement Up and down 100mm, left and right 100mm    
Microscope move Front and rear 80mm (fine adjustment 3mm)    
Sample size 100mm (width) 80mm (thickness)    
Instrument dimensions 360mm (width) × 650mm (length) × 500mm (height)    
Spreading coefficient calculation, adhesion coefficient; tension test (hanging drop method); 2X fixed magnification high-definition microscope; digital CMOS camera; video/playback; instant screenshots; export of any single film of the video; manual micro-injector (1mL)