ZEISS T-SCAN 20 Laser 3D Scanner

It’s the perfect solution for single-point measurements on object areas such as trimmed edges and standard geometrics or optically hard-to-reach areas.
T-SCAN 20 measuring system
  • TRACK 20 camera
  • CONTROL 20 controller
  • SCAN 20 hand-held line scanner
GOM Professional Software
• Setup and Calibration
• Administration of measuring fields and sensor configurations
• Software-supported sensor adjustment
• User-guided calibration
• Measuring data acquisition and project administration
• Graphic interface for live control of image acquisition
• Online display of sensor position and live image mapping
• Complete calculation of 3D coordinates
• Transformation of single measurements into a common coordinate system via reference points or
surface best-fit
• Project-oriented management of measurements
• Automatic computation and export of non-overlapping polygon meshes
• Export of scan data (e.g. G3D format, STL format)
• Creation and processing of polygon meshes
• Import of point clouds and polygon meshes (STL, ASCII, POL, PLY, PSL, etc.)
• Processing and visualization of common CT volume data
(e.g. VGI, VGL, PCR, EXV, REK and native raw data)
• Polygonization of random point clouds into polygon meshes
• Filling of holes in the polygon mesh by interpolated freeform surfaces
• Smoothing, thinning and refining of polygon meshes
• Regularization and relaxation of polygon meshes
• Repairing, combining and stitching of mesh areas
• Inverting, offsetting and scaling of polygon meshes
• Tracing and evaluation of curvatures and character lines
• Export of 3D polygon meshes (ASCII, POL or STL)
• Golden Mesh: Calculation of an average mesh based on series measurements
• Element construction
• Creation of geometrical elements on CAD data, polygon meshes and components
• Construction of equidistant multiple points on areas or along curves
• Fitting elements (maximum inscribed and maximum circumscribed elements, Gaussian and Chebyshev
• Multisections (axis parallel, radial, along curves and in viewing direction)
• Derivation of characteristic features for airfoils from profile sections
• Distances, angles, virtual calipers
• Intersection, projection (perpendicular or free defined), average
• Measurement plan import (ASCII, CSV, FTA, CATIA List, …)
• Alignment
• Automatic prealignment via CAD or reference point clouds
• Manual prealignment via 3D points
• Alignment via 3-2-1, best-fit, RPS, local coordinate systems, hierarchically ordered elements
• Hierarchical order of various alignments
• Easy switching between the created alignments
• Compensation of rigid body motions in stage projects
• Inspection
• Import of CAD data in standard formats: IGES, VDA, STEP, JT Open, STL, PLY
• Import of CAD data in special formats: CATIA v4/v5/v6, NX/UG, Pro/E, Parasolid, SAT
• Automatic pre-alignment against CAD without 3D interaction
• Alignment by 3-2-1, Best-Fit, RPS, local coordinate systems
• Definition of tolerances for CAD data and geometric elements
• Nominal/actual comparison of polygon meshes and point clouds with CAD data
• Deviation representation with color plots using free defined legends
• Colored inspection sections with needle plots
• Full-surface computation of material thickness based on polygon meshes
• Calculation of local surface defects based on polygon meshes
• I-Inspect: Simple assignment of measuring principles and inspection instructions
• Dimensioning based on local coordinate systems
• Evaluation of GD&T according to ISO GPS and ASME Y14.5
• Complete traceability of constructions and evaluations
• Stage management with timeline
• Convenient stage management with adjustable reference stage
• Transfer of evaluations from one stage to all stages
• Global orientation and stage coupling
• Definition of point components with automatic identification
• Automatic computation of 3D displacement vectors
• Statistical process control of full-field and point-based features
• Diagram representation of characteristics via stage index or time
• Determination of values derived by time, such as speed and acceleration
• Digital assembly
• Management of several individual part evaluations in one common project
• Local alignments between individual parts for assembly optimization
• Determination of functional dimensions between parts
• Calculation and visualization of gap size and offset
• Report module
• Customized templates with logos and text boxes
• Master page concept for uniform report styles
• Customized measuring point visualization: Labels, needle plots etc.
• Online tables and diagrams for sections and time-related values
• Parametric integration of stages and alignments
• Image mapping: Overlay of 2D and 3D data
• Visualization of stage evaluations as video sequence or flip book
• Presentation mode
• Export as CSV table, PNG, PDF or video file
• Integrated GOM parametrics
• Replacement of measuring data in projects, stages and parts with recalculation
• Adding of new stages (timeline) and new parts (digital assembly)
• Creation of project templates for recurring procedures
• Scripting und Packages
• Phython script engine
• Integrated macro recording
• Template management
• Confection and versioning of user-defined scripts and settings
Software and Application Support for GOM Inspect Suite with Sensor Driver ATOS for Essential Line
• Online Support via GOM Forum
• Online Knowledge Base providing tips and tricks for software and hardware as well application relevant
• Video-tutorials describing operation and workflows