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The use of carton compresssion tester

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Update time : 2021-03-09 08:44:21

    The carton compression tester is suitable for use in electronics, electrical appliances, wires, hardware, bicycles, handbags, food, medicine, shoes, furniture and other factories whose products are packed in corrugated boxes.
    The compressive strength of carton is divided into effective value and final value. During the compression test, the force value sometimes changes from slow to fast directly to the collapse point, and some gradually increase to the collapse point. In the long-term compression test, the change of the force value sometimes has a certain buffer: that is, when the force value and the deformation amount increase to a certain degree, the force value stops and the deformation amount continues to increase. After a period of time, the force value continues to increase. Up to the collapse point of the carton, the force value before buffering is called the effective force value, and the deformation before buffering is called the effective deformation.
    After buffering, although the force value can continue to increase, the carton has begun to deform and cannot meet the requirements for use. Therefore, the standard for judging the compressive strength of the carton should be the effective force value during the compressive test. Good compressive performance can ensure that the contents are not damaged during transportation and storage; at the same time, it can also guide the production of the packaging box manufacturers according to the different contents. It can be used as a professional instrument for food packaging QS certification.