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Development history of the company
Development history of the company
Responsible for the after-sales and training services of the instruments produced by Japanese and Taiwanese counterparts to the mainland, and collect service commissions;
Registered and established Dongguan Changan Yuelian Instrument Business Department in Changan Town, Dongguan City, acting as an agent of imported test equipment from Taiwan and Japan;
Establish, develop and manufacture standardized processes;
Registered and established GUANGDONG YUELIAN INSTRUMENTS CO., LTD. developed and produced universal material testing machines and physical testing machines, realized the production and sales of small batches and small varieties, and registered the YUELIAN trademark;
Due to development needs, moved to Liaobu Town, Dongguan City, rented a 3000 square meter factory, realized large-scale production, and realized standardization of drawings and production; products obtained CE certification;
Purchased office properties in Tianan Digital City, Nancheng, Dongguan, and established the companys R&D department and foreign trade department;
Established Hong Kong Clavier Instrument Co., Ltd.;
Import Enterprise Logistics Management System and CRM Software, and obtain ISO 9001 system certification, and implement standardized management;
Import special foreign trade management software to implement a standardized, simplified, and systematic foreign trade management and sales system;
Pass the German TUV certification;
Obtained the agency rights of foreign 3D scanners, started to sell imported 3D scanners, and mastered CAV detection technology;
Entered the top 15 innovative technology companies in Tianan Digital City Park;
TS series constant temperature and humidity test chamber passed the compulsory EAC electrical certification of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan;
Obtained a number of utility model patent certificates, and 2 invention patents were accepted by the National Patent Office;
Increased capital to 11.11 million yuan;
Establish the Robotics and Automation Division to help labor-intensive enterprises transform and upgrade;
Established a 3D business department and purchased imported high-end equipment to provide customers with scanning services, reverse engineering, CAV testing, Freeform design, and 3D printing services;
Developed the xenon lamp weather test box series;
With the introduction of industrial design elements, the appearance and craftsmanship of the tensile machine series products have been well improved;
Listed in Qianhai Equity Exchange Center, listing code: 668017;
Obtained the Chinese agency right of Geomagic software from the American Jie Mo company;
Obtained the agency right of German Carl Zeiss ZEISS-COMET 3D scanner;
Passed the national high-tech enterprise certification;
The quality inspection department issues the 0.5-level CPA measuring instrument certificate for the tensile testing machine;
Won the annual outstanding technology enterprise, and won the national special fund award;
Established Suzhou Office in East China;
Establish a laboratory organization plan department to provide turnkey services for the measurement and testing department and laboratories;
Successfully developed large-scale three-axis tensile machines with tensile force, compressive strength, peeling force and other functions for well-known domestic LCD screen customers, and used them in many large-scale factory R&D centers of customers;
Obtained the agency rights of the German Zeiss brand GOM 3D scanner;
Join the China Automotive Engineering Association;
The factory was relocated to Tongzheng Intelligent Industrial Park, Houjie Town, Dongguan City, and the three business divisions of material testing machine, reliability test box, and size measurement were merged into the factory to meet the higher requirements of customers for instrument functions, and realize structure customization and function customization, software customization, etc., to enhance collaboration and joint research and development capabilities;
The factory adheres to the orientation of specialization, precision, speciality, and innovation. A number of products have been successfully developed and recognized by customers;
Developed a three-station high-low-temperature damp-heat alternating tensile testing machine, and successfully delivered it. The two technical effects are significant, and the patent is pending;
Registered and established PW Instruments (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.;
Registered the PW trademark and re-applied for CE certification for the full range of products.