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High Accuracy Manual Vision Measuring Machine

Model: PW-OMS3020
PWiMeasuring software is a professional multi-sensor measuring software that combined with the developer's ten years of experience in the measuring and software research industry.
Description Specification


  • Adopt granite stone base and column to ensure the stability and precision of the machine;
  • Adopt toothless polished rod and fast-moving locking device to ensure that the return error of the table is within 2um;
  • Adopt high-precision instrument optical ruler and precision worktable to ensure the accuracy of the machine is within ≤3.0+L/200um;
  • Adopt zoom lens and high-resolution color digital camera to ensure clear picture quality without distortion;
  • Using the program-controlled surface 4-ring 8-area LED cold illuminationand Contour LED Parallel Illumination as well as a built-in intelligent light adjustment module, the area brightness of the light in the 4-ring 8-area can be freely controlled;
  • PWVision measurement software improves quality control to a new level;
  • Optional contact probe and three-dimensional measurement software can be used to upgrade the machine to a contact three-dimensional measuring machine.
  • It can be upgraded to install an autofocus function module to achieve accurate semi-automatic measurement.
Commodity Manual Video Measuring System VMS Series
Model PW-OMS3020 PW-OMS4030
Marble Workbench (505*350)mm (605*450)mm
Glass Workbench (356*248)mm (456*348)mm
X/Y axis Travel (300*200)mm (400*300)mm
Z axis travel High-precision linear guide, effective travel 200mm
X/Y/Z aixs resolution 0.5um
Pedestal and Uprights High Precision Granite
Measurement Accuracy* XY axis: ≤3.0+L/200(um);Zais:≤5+L/200(um)
Repart Accuracy 2um
Illumination System(Software Adjustment) Surface 4 rings and 8 zones infinitely adjustable LED cold Illumination
Contour LED Parallel Illumination
Optional Coaxial Light
Digital Camera 1/3"/1.3Mpixel High Resolution Digital Camera
Zoom Lens 6.5X High-Resolution Zoom lens;
Optical Magnification: 0.7X~4.5X times; Video Magnification: 26X~172X(21.5” Monitor)
Measuring Software PW
Operation System Support WIN 10/11-32/64 Operating System
Language English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Optional other language versions
Working Environment Temperature 20℃±2℃, temperature change <1℃/Hr; Humidity 30%~80%RH; Vibration <0.02g's, ≤15Hz.
Power Supply AC220V/50Hz; 110V/60Hz
Dimension(WxDxH) (740*634*1075)mm (840*734*1175)mm
Gross/Net Weight 275/208Kg 375/300Kg