High Precision Coating Machine with CE Approved

Model: PW-UC200
1. The standard coating head is the comma coater head, which can be easily replaced;

2. The position of the upper and lower wheels of the coating head can be interchanged;

3. Before use, the upper wheel can be removed to clean and adjust the coating
Applicable water glue viscosity 1,500~9,000cps
Tank capacity 125g
Standard width 300mm, if you want to increase the width, it can also be customized.
Length Unlimited manually pulled out.
Including the roll-out rack, the maximum outer diameter of the material is 300mm.
A set of nylon rubber baffles are included. The rubber baffle can be moved, and the coating width can be adjusted from 12mm to 300mm.
You can also purchase plugs that can be coated with line glue.
A hand-crank reel can be purchased additionally.
Standard size Depth: 56 cm, Width: 48 cm, Height: 46 cm
Weight 25 kg