PCT High Pressure Accelerated Aging Test Chamber

Model: PW-PCT-350
PCT high-pressure accelerated aging test box is used to test the performance test of products in storage, transportation and use under high temperature, high temperature, high humidity and pressure climatic environment. It is mainly used for electrical and electronic products, components, parts, and metal materials. And its magnetic materials are tested under the climatic conditions of high temperature, high temperature, high humidity and pressure to test the physical and other related properties of the product. After the test, the performance of the product can be judged through verification to meet the requirements for product design , Improvement, verification and factory inspection use.
Box structure

a. Outer wall material: stainless steel plate SUS304#; thickness: 1.2mm.
b. Inner wall material: stainless steel plate SUS304#; thickness: 3.0mm
c. Box insulation material: glass fiber.
d. Door insulation material: fiberglass.
e. Round inner box, stainless steel round inner box structure, in line with industrial safety standards, can prevent condensation and dripping during the test.
f. The arc liner, stainless steel arc type liner design, can avoid the direct impact of steam overheating.

g. Precise design, good airtightness, low water consumption, and continuous operation for 999H every time the automatic water is added;
h. Automatic access control, back pressure type non-external force flat door, automatic temperature and pressure safety detection, automatic access control lock control system, advanced safety door handle design (door handle is safer without force), test door when the inner box has greater than normal pressure Will be protected by back pressure and cannot be opened; protect the safety of operators.
i. Patented packing, when the pressure of the inner box is greater, the packing will have back pressure to make it more closely integrated with the box body, which is different from the traditional extrusion type that depends on external force from the outside to the inside. When the pressure inside the box is 1Kg/ When cm2, the box door will suck inward with a suction of 1Kg/cm2 to achieve a sealing effect; when the pressure in the box is 2Kg/cm2, the box door will suck inward with a suction of 2Kg/cm2 to achieve a sealing effect ; The tightness of the box door is completely determined by the pressure inside the box, so as to better protect the box door and prolong its life.
j. Before the start of the experiment, the equipment will automatically extract the unsaturated air from the original inner box, so that each test can ensure that the test sample is completed in a saturated vapor environment to ensure the consistency of the test results.

Control System

a. Microcomputer saturated vapor LED digital temperature controller + time LED display controller, pressure pointer display meter.
b. This system complies with the reliability test specifications of high-pressure accelerated aging: CNS, ISO, JIS, ASTM, DIN, BS, IEC, NACE, UL, MIL...
c. Control object: microcomputer + P.I.D. + S.S.R automatic calculation to control the saturated steam temperature.
d. Control method: microcomputer control

Sample limit

This test equipment prohibits:
Test or storage of samples of flammable, explosive and volatile substances;
Test or storage of samples of corrosive substances;
Testing or storage of biological samples;
Test or storage of strong electromagnetic emission source samples;

Product name PCT High pressure accelerated aging test chamber
Model PCT-35
Nominal internal volume 43L
Inner box size 350×450 mm(φ×D) circular laboratory
Dimensions W900 XD800 XH1300mm
Weight About 100㎏
Test environment conditions When the ambient temperature is +25℃, the relative humidity is ≤85%, and there is no sample in the test box
Temperature range 100℃~135℃ can be set arbitrarily
Humidity range 100%RH. (Saturated vapor humidity)
Pressure range 1.5~3.0Kg/cm2 (including 1atm)
Time limit 0 ~ 9999H
Heating time RT ~ 120℃ within 35 minutes
Boost time 0.0Kg/cm2 ~ 1.00Kg/cm2 within 35 minutes
Temperature resolution accuracy Temperature: 0.1℃
Temperature control accuracy Temperature: ±0.5℃
Pressure control accuracy ±0.2Kg/cm2
Temperature uniformity Temperature: ±2%
Cycle way Water vapor natural convection circulation method
Box door Back pressure type no external force plane door
Control panel Temperature controller display, time setting device, operation switch, pressure gauge, alarm indicator
Power distribution control cabinet Power distribution board, exhaust fan
Heater Titanium alloy heating tube
Power cord hole Located on the back of the box
Temperature Controller Imported LED display precision temperature controller
Screen display function Direct display of temperature setting (SV) and actual (PV) values
Test box Adjustable over-temperature and low-water level protection; limit over-temperature of adjustment channel; over-voltage protection; leakage protection; overload and short-circuit protection
Installation site The ground is flat and well ventilated; there is no strong vibration around the equipment; there is no flammable, explosive, corrosive substances and dust around the equipment; proper use and maintenance space is left around the equipment
Environmental conditions Temperature: 5℃30℃; Relative humidity: ≤85%; Air pressure: 86kPa106kPa
Power supply  AC220V 1 phase 3 wires
Allowable voltage fluctuation range: ±5%
Allowable frequency fluctuation range: 50 Hz ± 0.5 Hz
The grounding resistance of the protective earth wire is less than 4Ω
The user is required to independently configure the corresponding capacity air switch for the equipment at the installation site
Installed power About 2.5 Kw
Maximum current 10 A
Air switch 32 A