Martindale Abrasion Resistance Tester

Model: PW-3315M9
Scope of application
Martindale abrasion resistance tester is suitable for measuring the abrasion resistance of most fabrics (more suitable for woven fabrics) under slight pressure and the abrasion resistance of thin cotton, hemp and spun silk woven fabrics.
Related standards
GB/T21196GB/T13775, ASTM D4970, ASTM D4966, ISO12947, JIS L1096, TM112 M&S, GB/T4802.2, FZ/T20020, IWS TM196, ASTM D3886, DIN53863/53865, BS3424/5690, BS EN 388/530, ISO12945-2 etc.

1. There are three modes of motion track: Mode 1: 60×60mm Lissajous graphic trajectory Mode 2: 24×24mm Lissajous graphic trajectory Mode 3: Linear motion trajectory with a stroke of 60mm
2. Adjustable system of relative speed of gripper and grinding table: 20-70r/min adjustable;
3. The Chinese and English operation interface can be switched freely;
4. It adopts 7-inch 800*480 color touch screen control, and is equipped with two counting methods of accumulation and accumulation. Each station can be controlled by independent timing, with automatic memory function, and the last test can be continued after the shutdown and power failure;
5. Driven by a high-efficiency brushless servo motor, with low noise and low power, it reduces energy consumption and improves the mute effect of the laboratory;
6. Imported programmable controller (PLC) modular control, stronger anti-interference, not easy to crash, suitable for hundreds of thousands of long-term operation.




Number of stations: 9 desktop
Estimated count: 0~999999 times
Cumulative count: 0~999999 times
Li Sharu motion track: 24±0.2mm, 60±0.2mm