Ordinary Salt Spray Test Chamber (button type)

Model: PW-SAO series
Description Brand Introduction Specification Configuration

The SAO series salt spray test chamber produced by our company is designed to test the corrosion resistance of the products after electroplating, anodizing, spraying, anti-rust oil and other corrosion treatments on the surface of various materials; Make analysis and evaluation.

Test meets standards

GB/T10125-1997, GB/T10587-2006, GB/T1771-2007, GB10593.2-1990, QB/T 3826-1999 SAO-108
SAO-270 (features: easy installation and operation, transparent top cover) micro cylinder device
SAO-480, SAO-800, SAO-1440 enlarged salt spray test chamber (features: precise temperature control, automatic defogging device, uniform fogging,)


1. The whole machine is made of P.V.C hard plastic board, which is corrosion-resistant, easy to clean, and has no salt spray leakage.
2. Using button type intelligent temperature control instrument, multiple PID automatic calculation, good control accuracy.
3. The upper covers of the 108L and 270L test machines are all made of acrylic transparent top covers, and the top covers of models above 480L are made of hard PVC plastic plates. The upper covers are automatically opened and closed by a large cylinder, which can monitor the spray status and The working condition of the sample.
4. Tower spray system, equipped with a salt liquid filter, no crystallization nozzle, uniform fog distribution, and free adjustment of settlement.
5. The number of samples (150*70mm). For example, 48 pieces can be placed at an angle of 15°, and 32 pieces can be placed at an angle of 30°.
6. After the test is completed, it has an automatic defogging device, which can clearly observe the sample.
7. Spray time: The gap/continuous spray can be adjusted arbitrarily, multiple system protection, safe and reliable use.

Company Profile
PW Instruments (Guangdong) Co., Ltd is committed to helping customers reach their goals in terms of quality and cost-effectiveness by providing the latest testing instruments as per internationally recognized standards. With an extensive global supply chain in some countries, we are trusted by industry leaders, research scientists and laboratory management managers.
PW was established in March 2007 by Mr. Peiwu Liu, a senior expert in the field of innovative R/D. Our production base is located in a world-renowned manufacturing area in Dongguan city, Guangdong Province, where the technology boom has attracted a large number of professional engineers and elites.
In order to better serve customers in East China, PW Instruments (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was established in Shanghai, and an instrument exhibition hall and testing center were set up in Suzhou Industrial Park. It is an enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales, import and export. It has been recognized by customers for many years. Through years of operation, the company has gathered a group of talents with considerable qualifications in the industry and accumulated a large number of high-quality customers at home and abroad in the past decade.
PW has its own industrial design capabilities, the appearance and texture of products are good, the measurement and control system department has independent research and development capabilities, and the performance of the developed measurement and control system is stable. It is designed and developed completely in accordance with various national standards, international standards, and industry standards such as GB, ASTM, AATSS, JIS, EN, etc., and is currently used by users in various industries around the world.
At present, the products developed, produced and sold by the company are divided into three parts: material testing machine division, reliability test chamber division, and measurement division. The products are universal material testing machine, customized tensile and compression testing machine, peel strength testing machine, physical testing equipment, image measuring instrument, 2.5-dimensional, three-dimensional coordinate measuring machine, three-dimensional scanner, full-size measuring instrument, and rapid size measuring instrument, precision oven, high and low temperature test box, constant temperature and humidity test box, rapid temperature change test box, thermal shock test box, walk-in constant temperature and humidity room, UV ultraviolet weathering test box, xenon lamp weathering test box, full sets of test equipment for new energy lithium batteries, etc.
The products are widely used in automobiles and parts, 3C, smart wear, new energy lithium batteries, molds, casting die-casting, furniture, tape, film, die cutting, packaging, aerospace, scientific research institutions, quality inspection, drug inspection and other fields.
At this moment, we will not be complacent about our achievements. We will work harder than ever to provide customers with affordable and effective solutions through extensive communication with potential customers around the world to stimulate vitality and enrich experience.
PW is going to fulfill the ambition and vision to be one of the best manufacturers in the world under the powerful leadership of General Manager Liu.
Corporate Culture:
Vision: Become a world-renowned instrument manufacturer
Mission: Provide customers with high-quality testing equipment
Values: Customer satisfaction is our aim.
SAO Series Model SAO-108 SAO-270 SAO-480 SAO-800 SAO-1440
Inner box size mm W 600 900 1200 1600 2000
D 450 600 850 850 950
H 400 500 500 550 600
Outer box size mm W 1130 1460 1900 2300 2700
D 630 910 1150 1150 1350
H 1070 1280 1500 1550 1600
Working room volume (L) 108 270 480 800 1440
Salt water tank capacity (L) 15 25 90 90 120
Laboratory temperature (NSS)Test temperature:35℃±1℃
Saturated barrel temperature (NSS)Test temperature:47℃±1℃
Brine temperature 35℃±1℃
Test solution NSS:Purified water + sodium chloride(PH6.5~7.2)
Compressed air pressure 2kgf/cm2 2kgf/cm2 6kgf/cm2 6kgf/cm2 6kgf/cm2
power supply AC 220V,1Ф, 50HZ

1. Technical data: operation manual, product certificate, warranty card, etc.
2. Deliver a pack of wet ball gauze
3. Delivery of 2 bottles of sodium chloride
4. Distribution of a gas supply pipe
5. Distribution of one exhaust pipe joint
6. A set of delivery sealing plugs
7. Distribution of a salt water bucket
8. A set of V-shaped racks and material sticks for delivery materials


Optional accessories

1. Control panel: Button type and LCD touch screen operation panel are optional
2. Working mode: steam heating (water boiling type) / anhydrous temperature control (dry burning type) optional
3. Salt water concentration meter
4. Air compressor