Retentivity tester

Model: PW-HP96T
It is suitable for the stickiness test of the adhesive tape under the normal temperature state. The tape is glued to the test board, and the time that the tape can be kept under the specified load is automatically counted to confirm the time effect of the tape adhesion and to evaluate the durability of the tape adhesion. Invention patent number: ZL 2013 1 0293417.7
Machine size: 1500mm(length)* 380mm(depth)*2000mm(height)
Support steel plate thickness: 2mm allowable industry tolerance
Layer thickness: 1mm allowable industry tolerance
Protective baffle: Plexiglass: 1500mm (length) X 200mm (height) X 3~5mm
Number of test groups: 96 groups, 4 layers in total, each layer is arranged in a staggered row
Directly above the gap: 40mm, the left and right sides are Z-shaped structure to ensure that the 50mm test standard board (thickness 3mm) can be put into use
Rear crossbar: Take 200mm as a group, fix with 1 screw on the left and right to ensure that the test board of 1mm~3mm can also be used normally, and try not to leave a gap between the test pieces;
Display method: LCD electronic display, touch operation, movable, divided into four regions represent 4 layers, each with a separate key to zero, and automatic operation switch button trans to achieve different ways of counting
Control Method: PLC plus configuration control
Display digits: 0~99999.9min Power failure delay function;
Action method: Using Swiss Sibo micro switch, plus connection
Machine color: silver lustre(customized with model)
Action accessories: 304 stainless steel
Manufacturing process: Laser cutting, CNC bending, CNC punching and other processes
Power supply: 220v  50~60HZ