Rotorless Vulcanizer

Model: PW-3000A
Rotorless vulcanizer is the most widely used instrument in the rubber processing industry to control rubber quality, rapid inspection and basic rubber research. It provides accurate data for optimal rubber formulation combinations, and can accurately measure scorch time, positive vulcanizer time, and vulcanization. Index and parameters such as maximum and the smallest torque.
Fulfill the standard
Comply with GB/T16584 "Rubber-Determination of characteristic vulcanization with a rotorless vulcanizer" ISO6502:1991 and ASTM D5289-95
1. It adopts single-chip control, which includes: main unit, temperature measurement, temperature control, data acquisition and processing, sensors and electrical interlocking components.
2. The temperature measurement and control circuit is composed of a temperature controller, platinum resistance, and heater, which can automatically track changes in the power grid and ambient temperature, and automatically correct PID parameters to achieve rapid and accurate temperature control.
3. The data acquisition system and the electromechanical chain complete the automatic detection of the torch signal during the rubber vulcanization process, and automatically display the temperature and set value in real time.
4. After vulcanization is finished, automatic processing, automatic calculation, and printing of vulcanization curve and process parameters. It displays vulcanization time, vulcanization torch, and various sound prompts.
5. Using computer control, after setting the parameters on the computer, the test parameters of the vulcanizer are directly controlled, the vulcanization curve and temperature curve are displayed in real time, the test results are stored, and the comparison of different test results can be adjusted and displayed in different colors.
1. It adopts a real closed cavity, which is the same as Alpha (formerly Monsanto).
2. The repeatability and test data are comparable to Alpha, leading the industry in the world.
3. Based on a large-scale database development platform, the temperature control device adopts software to directly control and collect and process. Overcome the shortcomings (poor accuracy) of general vulcanizer using temperature controller to control temperature. This technology leads the new international trend.
4. This instrument has the functions of statistics, analysis, storage and comparison. Humanized design, easy to operate.
5. Use high-precision imported sensors.
Temperature control range Room temperature -200℃
Heating time ∠15℃min
Temperature fluctuation ≤ ±0.3℃
Temperature display resolution 0.1℃
Torque range 0-5N.M、0-10N.M、0-20N.M
The smallest torque reading 0.001NM
Power supply 50HZ, ~220V±10%
Air pressure ︽0.4Mpa
Gas source requirements 0.5Mpa--0.65MPa (Users need to bring their own trachea with an outer diameter of 8mm)
Ambient temperature range 10℃--20℃
Humidity range 55--75%RH
Compressed air 0.35-0.40Mpa
Swing frequency 100r/min(about 1.67HZ)
Number of swing angles ±0.5℃ ,±1℃ ,±3℃
Print content Date, time, temperature, vulcanization curve, temperature curve、ML、MH、ts1、ts2、t10、t50、Vc1、Vc2.