Safety Helmet Impact Puncture Testing Machine

Model: PW-5572

The safety helmet impact puncture tester is a safety helmet testing instrument developed and put into production according to GB/T2812—2006 "Testing Methods for Safety Helmets". It is specially designed to test the impact resistance and puncture performance of safety helmets. It is suitable for FRP helmets and ABS The inspection of various types of safety helmets, such as plastic safety helmets and plastic miner safety helmets, is a necessary instrument for applying for safety helmet production license and LA certification. The safety helmet impact resistance puncture tester has a high degree of automation, simple and safe operation, stable data, and high cost performance.

Standards compliant

GB/T 2812-2006 "Test Methods for Safety Helmets" is the test standard for impact absorption and puncture resistance.
GB/T 2811-2007 "Safety Helmet"


1. The replacement method of drop hammer and impact chui is easy to operate.
2. It has an automatic guide system to ensure that the impact chui and drop hammer fall accurately and accurately on the helmet.
3. The electric lift has a photoelectric positioning device, automatic positioning, accurate and reliable.
4. The impact force professional high-precision sensor, the range is 2t, and the accuracy is ±0.02%. 5. LED digital display, automatically save the power value.

1. Headform: The provisions of Appendix A of the Standard "Testing Methods for Safety Helmets".
2. Bench: It can control lifting, hanging and releasing impact drop hammer and piercing drop hammer.
3. Drop hammer: impact drop hammer: the weight is 5-5.01kg, the hammer head is hemispherical, the diameter is 96mm, and the material is 45# steel. Puncture drop hammer: The mass is 3-3.05kg, the cone angle of the puncture part is 60°, the cone tip diameter is 1mm, the length is 40mm, the major diameter is 28mm, and the hardness is HRC45. The impact force of the two drop hammers after installation is in full compliance with the standard.
4. Force sensor: The measuring range is 0-20KN, the frequency is 5kHz smaller, and the dynamic force sensor is accurate to 1N. 5. Base: It has impact resistance and can firmly install the load cell.
6. Power-on display device: When the circuit forms a closed loop, it can send a signal to indicate that the piercing cone has contacted the head mold.
7. Drop hammer height: 1000mm.
8. 1# and 2# aluminum-silicon alloy test head die each. Comply with the regulations in Appendix A of GB/T 2812-2006. 9. Power supply: AC220V, 50Hz