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Seal Tester

Model: PW-SEAL-T01
Test Standard: GB/T 15171、ASTM D3078

It adopts the test principle of negative pressure method and is suitable for the sealing test of bags, bottles, cans, boxes and other packages. The test can effectively compare and evaluate the sealing technology and sealing performance of the package, and provide a scientific basis for determining the relevant technical indicators. It can also be used to test the sealing performance of certain packages after drop and pressure tests. It is also called a sealing instrument, a sealing tester and a flexible packaging sealing tester.

Test principle
By evacuating the vacuum chamber, the sample immersed in water generates internal and external pressure difference, and observing the gas escape from the sample, so as to determine the sealing performance of the sample; by vacuuming the vacuum chamber, the sample generates internal and external pressure If it is poor, observe the sample shape recovery after the sample expands and releases the vacuum to determine the sealing performance of the sample.
1. The key components are imported from world-renowned brands, with a measurement accuracy of 0.0001kPa and a vacuum accuracy of 0.01;
2. Imported high-speed and high-precision sampling chip to ensure the real-time and accuracy of test data;
3. Automatic constant pressure air supplement to ensure that the test can be carried out under the preset vacuum conditions;
4. The automatic back-blowing unloading function makes the process of the end of the test simple and smooth;
5. With gradient test mode, it is convenient to quickly find the critical value of sample leakage pressure;
6. Both vacuum degree and time can be preset, enter the value directly to enter the test mode;
7. 7-inch high-definition color LCD screen, convenient for users to control and display real-time data and curves;
8. Support historical data for quick viewing.



Vacuum accuracy

0.01 level

Detection method

Conventional/gradient method

Configure the vacuum tank model and the effective size of the vacuum chamber (mm)

300 Vacuum tank

400 Vacuum tank
Buy separately

500 Vacuum tank
Buy separately

Other sizes and shapes can be customized

Operational control form

Fully automatic control, touch screen operation 

Vacuum retention performance

Automatic air supplement, constant pressure maintenance

Air source pressure requirement

0.70.9 MPa (provided by the gas source) 

Air connection

Φ6 mm polyurethane tube 

Power supply

AC 220V 50Hz/120V 60Hz


Host: 300mm(L)×400mm(W)×150mm(H) 300 vacuum tank: φ310×355 (H)

Approximate net weight

Host: 6.5kg/standard 300 vacuum tank: 9.5Kg


Chinese/English (standard), Russian, traditional and other interfaces (customizable)

Basic application

1.Sealing test of flexible packaging bag;
2. Sealing test of packages such as cans, bottles, tubes and boxes;
3. Sealing test of package after drop and pressure test


Product Configuration

Standard configuration: host, embedded software, 300 vacuum tank, Ф6mm polyurethane tube (2x1.2m)
Options: 400 vacuum tank, 500 vacuum tank and other size vacuum tanks
Remarks: The air source interface of this machine is a Ф6mm polyurethane tube; the air source user should prepare it by himself