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Vacuum Drying Oven

Model: PW-CV2 series
TV2 series vacuum ovens, models :TV2-27, TV2-64, TV2-125, TV2-216
Inner box size:27LW 30 ×D30×H30cmCarton size:W 60×D 47 ×H80cm
Inner box size:64LW40 ×D40×H40cmCarton size:W70×D 57 ×H90cm
Inner box size:125LW50 ×D50×H50cmCarton size:W70×D70 ×H90cm
Inner box size:216LW60 ×D60×H60cmCarton size:W90 ×D 77 ×H110cm

1. The box body is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate, and the surface is electrostatically powder sprayed. The coating is hard and firm, and has a strong anti-rust ability and is not corroded.
2. The inner box is made of high-quality stainless steel plate with a thickness of 6mm, rounded corners, smooth, smooth, and easy to clean.
3. The door is a double-layer tempered glass structure, which can clearly observe the test items in the box;
4. A rubber sealing ring is installed between the studio and the glass door to ensure a high vacuum in the box.

Vacuum oven heating system
1. Heating method: adopts two-sided heating heat radiation method
2. The heating material is high temperature resistant heating tube;
3. Temperature setting range: RT+10℃~250℃, freely set the temperature value you want; 4. Programmable thermostat: freely adjust the heating time to reach the required temperature;
Vacuum oven temperature control system
Using PID microcomputer automatic temperature control system, the temperature of the cabinet studio is sensed by the sensitive detection control head and fed back to the microcomputer. Through the automatic and fast program calculation of the microcomputer, the output power of the output terminal can be quickly and automatically adjusted to achieve precise control. At the precise value set.

1. Temperature range: room temperature
2. Inner box material: SUS 304# stainless steel (thickness 6.0mm)
3. Bottom: equipped with universal wheel
4. Inner box material: SECC steel plate, fine powder paint treatment (thickness 1.5mm)
5. Visual window: tempered glass with explosion-proof film
6. Timer: three-digit display 0.S~999H (H hour, M minute, S second can be switched)
7. Vacuum: 11.6Pa (indicating value of vacuum gauge<-0.116Mpa)
8. Power supply: AC 220V 50HZ