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The application of tensile machine in the automotive industry

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Update time : 2021-04-27 08:15:28
Tensile machines are needed in many industries, and they are widely used, such as the LED industry and the solar light industry. They are used quite a lot. The automotive industry requires high precision and requires testing of every part. Therefore, the tensile test machines play a very important role in the automotive industry.
一、Tensile testing machine has five parts in the automotive industry that need to be pulled:
1. Electrical components
2. Rubber products
3. Metal products
4. Rubber products on cars
5. Automotive standard test equipment
二、Tensile tests for auto electrical parts include:
1. Combination switch
2. Capacitance
3. ABS
4. EBD
5. CD player
6. Radio
7. Horn
The test chambers used in automobile electrical parts include high and low temperature, constant temperature and humidity chamber, heat aging, and oven
三、Tensile tests for rubber products include:
1. Brake tube
2. Brake cup
3. Brake pads
4. Seals
Rubber products need to use test equipment such as tensile testing machine, high and low temperature test box, rapid temperature change box, constant temperature and humidity box;
四、Tensile tests for metal products include:
1. Car
2. Electroplating parts
3. Screw
4. Nut
Metal products need to use test equipment: salt spray test box
五、Tensile tests for rubber products on automobiles include:
1. Floor glue,
2. Rubber
The rubber products on automobiles need to use test equipment such as heat aging, electric heating blast drying oven, and tensile testing machine.
六、Standard test equipment for automobiles includes:
1. Tensile testing machine
2. Sand and dust test chamber
3. Rain test chamber
4. Sandblasting test box
5. Water test device
6. Vibration table