Digital Display Cantilever Beam Impact Testing Machine

Model: PW-XBL500
It is used to determine the impact toughness of non-metallic materials such as plastics, reinforced nylon, glass fiber reinforced plastics, ceramics, cast stone, plastic electrical appliances, and insulating materials. Pendulum impact testing machine is a common equipment for quality inspection by scientific research units, colleges and universities, and non-metallic material manufacturers. The machine is a simple structure, easy to operate, and high precision instrument. The digital display impact testing machine adopts high precision. Encoder technology has the characteristics of high precision, good stability and large measuring range, digital measurement shows the impact strength and average value, automatic correction of energy loss, printing test reports and other functions.
Executive standard
ISO180-2000 "Plastic-Hard material cantilever beam impact strength determination"
GB/T1843-2008 "Impact test method of rigid plastic cantilever beam"
JB/T8761-1998 "Plastic Cantilever Beam Impact Tester"
ASTM D256-2010 "Test Method for Determining Impact Strength of Plastic IZOD Pendulum"

1. High-precision intelligent controller, equipped with LCD display, can read data intuitively and accurately;
2. It is the first domestic company to use carbon fiber pendulum (patent applied for) to improve the rigidity of the material in the direction of impact, and focus the maximum impact quality on the center of mass of the pendulum, truly achieving vibration-free impact test and increasing service life ;
3. Using imported high-resolution digital encoder, the angle test accuracy is higher and more stable;
4. The impact hammer and imported ball bearings conforming to the aerodynamic principle greatly reduce the friction loss caused by the machine;
5. Automatically calculate the final result, the test data can save 24 groups of data and average;
6. The Chinese and English operation interface can be selected, and the test results can be selected in J/m, KJ/㎡, kg-cm/cm, ft-ib/in and other units;
7. Built-in micro printer. It can print 24 test data values one by one, or print the average value.

Display mode: color touch screen (Chinese and English)
Angle sensor brand and accuracy: original imported Omron encoder, accuracy to 0.01°
Energy display accuracy: 0.01J
Impact speed: 3.5m/s;
Pendulum energy: (5.5D) 1J, 2.75J, 5.5J
Pendulum angle: 150° Distance from center of pendulum to impact blade: 335mm
Distance from impact blade to upper plane of jaw: 22mm
Blade radius: R=0.8±0.2mm
Machine weight: 85kg
Power supply voltage: AC220V±10% 50HZ