Haze Meter Machine Device for Glass / Plastic / Film & Tape / Display Screen / Package etc.

Model: PW-H1100
Test Standard: ASTM01003/1044,ISO 14782, GB/T 2410,JJF 13032011, CIE 15.2, JIS K7105, JIS K7361, JIS K7136
The YH1100 haze meter can easily implement ASTM D1003 non-compensation method, total light transmittance, and instant measurement. The open sample chamber can be tested vertically and horizontally, which is suitable for more samples to be tested. The inst
Model YH1100
Lighting Method Transmission: 0/D (parallel light illumination, diffuse reflection reception)
Integrating sphere size φ154mm
The first source of lighting 400-700nm combined LED light source
Sensor Array detector, meeting CIE V(λ) 2-degree visual response
Measurement Wavelength Range 400~700nm (wavelength can be expanded and customized)
Transmittance measurement range 0-100%
Measuring aperture φ20mm/φ15mm/φSmm/φ4mm (select a single diameter)
Sample size Thickness less than 170mm
Other chromaticity indicators Haze (ASTM 01003/1044, ISO 13468), transmittance T (ASTM)
Observer's point of view
Observation light source D65,A,C
Display Pass/Fail Results
Measure time About 1.5s
Haze resolution 0.01 unit
Haze repeatability Diameter of φ20mm, less than 0.1
Difference between stations Diameter of φ20mm, less than 0.4
Size Length X width X height = 290X211X511mm
Weight About 7.6kg
Power Supply DC 24V, 3A power adapter power supply
Lighting Source Life More than 3 million measurements in 5 years
Display Screen TFT true color 7inch, capacitive touch screen
Interface USB, serial port for printing
Storing data 1000 standard samples, 20000 samples
Language Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English
Operating temperature range 0-40°C (32-104°F)
Storage temperature range -20-50°C (-4-122°F)
Standard accessories Power adapter, manual, quality management software (blind network download), data cable, 0% calibration box, measuring caliber
Optional accessories Micro printer, test fixture, standard haze sheet, footswitch