Melting Index Tester

Model: PWM-400C
PWM-400C melting spraying fabric melting index tester is an improved model with many more functions, greatly improved in terms of instrument configuration, service life, operation convenience and test accuracy. PWM-400C has incomparable advantages and cost performance compared with general melt flow rate meter in China.The melt flow rate meter is a desktop structure, reasonable design, stable and reliable performance, beautiful appearance, easy to operate, the adoption of high-performance, high-precision control instrument has the characteristics of high sampling precision, fast control rate, the use of fuzzy PID algorithm for constant temperature.

Used for spraying molten MVR cloth melt flow rate value, it applies to high melting temperature of polycarbonate, aromatic sulfone, fluorine plastic, nylon and other engineering plastics, can also be applied to polyethylene (PE), polystyrene (PS), polypropylene (PP), ABS resin, polyformaldehyde (POM), polycarbonate (PC) resin with lower melting temperature, such as plastic test, widely used in plastic production, plastic products, such as petroleum and chemical industry and related colleges and universities, scientific research units, and the commodity inspection department.
The automatic melting finger of plastics is applicable to the determination of melt mass flow rate and melt volume flow rate of thermoplastic plastics according to the national standard GB/ t3682-2000. This standard is equivalent to that of ISO 1133:1997 and can meet the ASTM D1238 test standard. 


1. One machine multi-function, timing, cutting, constant temperature, result printing automation.

2. The control software can realize parameters setting, constant temperature control, cutting, metering calibration, timing, DISPLAY of MFR and MVR results, calculation of melt density, and query and export of test data after the test.To prevent misoperation, some important operations need to use password authentication.

3. 5-inch full-color touch screen, Multi-language interface in Chinese and English.

4. Fast heating speed, minimal overshoot, high constant temperature accuracy, can quickly restore the constant temperature state after packing.It has functions of upper limit temperature protection, constant temperature sound prompt, reply time sound prompt and so on.

5. Automatically identify ASTM standard, ISO standard and GB test range through setting.

6. The highest temperature can reach 450 degrees (optional, special instructions are required when ordering)

7, It can test the corrosive plastics for a long time without damaging the precision of the instrument, such as fluoroplastics (special materials, please explain when ordering) and other fluoroplastics (special materials, please explain when ordering), only our company has this technology in China

8. It also meets national standard test, American standard test, MFR quality method and MVR volume method

1.The extruded material discharging mouth diameter: Φ 2.095 + / - 0.005 mm, discharging mouth length: 8.000 + / - 0.025 mm charging tube diameter: Φ 9.550 + / - 0.025 mm, the charging barrel length: 152 + / - 0.1 mm piston rod head diameter: 9.475 + / - 0.015 mm, the piston rod head length: 6.350 + / - 0.100 mm

2. Standard test load (complete set of 8 grades of weights)

3. Temperature range: Conventional room temperature -- 400℃ (500℃ optional)

4. Constant temperature accuracy: ±0.1℃

5. Display resolution: 0.1℃

6. Cutting method: The player can move or cut automatically

7. Temperature recovery time: less than 4 minutes

8. Power supply voltage: AC220V±10% 50HZ