The 3D scanner T-SCAN hawk is portable, precise and made to make a difference. In combination with the pre-installed GOM Inspect software, it’s a powerful solution that assists you along every step of your task.
ZEISS T-Scan Hawk 3D Scanner
T-SCAN hawk, consisting of:
  1. Measuring area: Up to 550 mm × 600 mm
  2. Three scanning modes:
  1. Red Laser crosses for resolution up to 0.05 mm (working distance 500 mm)
  2. Blue Laser lines for resolution up to 0.01 mm (working distance 180 mm)
  3. Red Laser line for deep pockets
  1. Sensor dimensions: approx. 330 mm x 135 mm x 85 mm
  2. Weight: approx. 1,2 kg
  3. Calibration panel
  4. Reflective Point Markers (6 mm, 3 mm)
  5. Sensor cable
  6. Power supply
  7. Transport case
  8. Acceptance test carried out at our site with dumbbells in accordance to ISO 10360
  9. Acceptance certificate with traceability verification
GOM Inspect Suite with Sensor Driver T-SCAN hawk
  1. Setup and Calibration
  1. User-guided calibration
  1. Measuring data acquisition and project administration
  1. Switching the measuring modes and setting the exposure time directly at the sensor
  2. Automatic monitoring of sensor calibration
  3. A priori aquisition of reference points with graphic support
  4. Online display of sensor position and 3D scan data
  5. Continuous transformation into a common coordinate system
  6. Connection of upper and lower side
  7. Cut out of background points
  8. Automatic computation and export of non-overlapping polygon meshes
  9. Export of scan data (e.g. G3D format, STL format)
  1. GOM Inspect
  1. Import of point clouds, polygon meshes
  2. Processing and visualization of common CT volume data
    (e.g. VGI, VGL, PCR, EXV, REK and native raw data)
  3. Creation and processing of polygon meshes
  4. Element construction: geometrical elements, points, sections, curves, surfaces, dimensions
  5. Import of CAD data in standard formats: IGES, VDA, STEP, JT Open, STL, PLY
  6. Application of common alignment methods
  7. Comparison against CAD data with colored deviation representation
  8. Dimensions and Evaluation of GD&T according to ISO GPS and ASME Y14.5
  9. Report module
  1. Online Support via
  1. GOM Forum
  2. Online Knowledge Base providing tips and tricks for software and hardware as well as application relevant workflows
  3. Video-tutorials describing operation and workflows
T-SCAN hawk Argument List: